Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear Honda Biker guy

I am quite disturbed to find myself in a position where it is necessary to write a letter like this. But I can not keep quiet any longer. I am beginning to realise that I am not just being paranoid but that you are indeed stalking me. One word: STOP!

I have to admit that initially i was a tad flattered. Please note...a TAD! My friend and I were shopping around for a bike, for him. He let me tag along as I have a motorbike fetish, plus I'd be able to give him an objective, purely female view on how the bike looked, and how he looked on the bike. Visiting all the different bike shops was fun, and by the time we got to your dealership i was in a happy and carefree mood.

I suppose you guys must have found it quite entertaining and surprising to see a smashing young lady in her power suit, stiletto shoes and perfect hairdo jumping on every single bike you own, including the quads! Your initial interest was sweet and flattering, and had i known what it would result in I would have been a super biatch right from the start. But since i tend to see the best in people and situations, and i didn't expect to be rewarded for my niceness quite like this, i smiled and chatted like normal.

It started out innocent enough, but then you managed to get our company's telephone number from my friends finance application. The first call was odd, but not entirely freaky. You invited me to go on a breakfast run the following Saturday. A part of me was dying to go as i knew exactly which bike we would be allowed to take, but my rational and uber logical mind stayed in control and I graciously refused.

Unfortunately my obvious signs of disinterest and eventual disgust did not register. You kept on phoning....more than once a day. Then the other day you suddenly started calling me on my cellphone. I would just love to know how the hell you got my number!! cause my friend sure as hell didn't give it to you. This problem was solved easily enough by just barring your number. But today took the cake!

You know in which area I live!!!!! and since it's no where near my place of work, the only explanation is that you followed me. You followed me??? WTF?????? who gave you the right?? *trying really hard not to admit how downright scared and freaked out I am*

Dude, seriously....this has got to stop. I swear, the next time you phone or the next time i even suspect that you might be following me..I'll set the police on your ass! I said it to you over the phone and now I'm putting it in writing, trust me....i have the cops on speed dial. Just back off!!!




Nosjunkie said...

good for you hunny dont take any crap

Elise said...

You have a stalker!

I had a guy that followed me around in school for a while. He wrote my name on his arm with a compass... I should have been flattered but I was just freaked out.

Next time you see the bike guy tell him you prefer men with four wheels! xx

Ruby said...

Nos - actually i'm scared out of my wits at the moment. But i'm trying to sound all tough and pissed off

Elise - I know!!! why does this always happen to me?? it's my second official stalker.....i had to get a court order against the first one also...but he was a little less creepy.

Bridget said...


No jokes.

Have you told him you are putting the cops on his ass if he calls again?

Have got his registration number?

Can you have someone to drive you around in their car for a couple of days until this guys loses your trail?

Have you told anyone else that this guy is after you and they are aware that if you are found dead and dismembered there is a possible suspect?

I'm dead serious Ruby. Don't let this guy have a chance to hurt you.


Ruby said...

well bridgy girl.....i don't have his registration number. but my boss knows and so does the she's currently screening all my calls.

I'm all set for tonight...going for coffee with "friends" and they promised to follow me home afterwards..though according to them i'm just scared to drive alone at night....i didn't think it was neccesary to freak them out.

And i called his boss too. Thought it might be a good idea. He's furious....and seeing what he can do about the situation

Ruby said...

thanx for the hugs and the caring hun!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I KNEW IT!! I KNEW you were a rockstar...complete with stalking fan!! Seriously...C-R-E-E-P-Y!

Glugster said...

Good on you for telling his boss. That should sort him out. If not, then maybe more drastic measures should be taken.

It's also good that you are freaked out. It means you are not taking this lightly, which means that you will constantly be on the lookout. Know where the nearest police station is. If you see any suspicious vehicles following you, just drive directly there.

Rather safe than sorry.

High in Dubai said...

Shame ruby, that is really scary!

Take care!

sweetass RSA said...

you could have avoided all this you know... you should have gone on that breakfast run... lol... just kidding...

yikes...not good

SonnyVsDan said...

Ruby, you really know how to grab those feelings from inside and share them. Brilliant letter.

Ruby said...

Blondie - crap! you're on to me:( and i thought i was doing such a great job at hiding it!

Glug - thanx for the advice dude:) i appreciate every little bit

High - sure it! but i think i'm coping OK. scared but not freaky...kapish?

SweetAss - LOL...i suppose so! then might have made it a whole lot worse..cause then i sorta gave him a reason!

Sonny - awe...thanx dudy:) Now you make my heart go all soft and mushy....and i'm blushing...drat!

Sheena Gates said...

Are you serious? Jesus, I would freak!

Call the cops on his ass!

ChewTheCud said...

Wow! That guy doesn't do much good to the biker stereotype. Something tells me he's doesn't ride a Harley though...

I would totally ride a Harley... or a chopper - the one from Easy Rider ;)

Ruby said...

Sheena - dead's scary as hell i tell you!

Chewy - me prefer the harley too babe! long as it's not accompanied by some stalker dude again...sheite! i've had enough of that for a lifetime!

Globus said...

usually commenting on old posts doesn't seem to happen. but globus can't resist approving of the image of the power suit and stilettos :-)

but seriously, scary. there are some right creeps out there!

Ruby said...

i knew you'd like that;) yes, he was extremely creepy, poor ruby had quite a few nightmares as a result of this