Friday, May 30, 2008

Dear Parentals

Yesterday was your 32nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!!! 32 years and counting is quite an accomplishment in this day and age......and I'm proud to be your child:)

As i was excitedly telling my friends about your special day yesterday...i realised a couple of things. After 32 years you guys are still so in love that I find it nauseating at sweet:) You've never spoken a harsh word to each other in front of us. You've never gone to bed angry. Dad, you're positively miserable when mom has to leave home for a couple of days. Mom, you do all your little cleaning and moving tasks when daddy ain't around, but your nights are empty and your eyes sad when he has to leave home sometimes.

You always expressed your love for one another in such a way that we grew up as loving children, believing that the fairy tale of a happy marriage that lasts forever will be ours to own one day.

Dad, you can be quite difficult sometimes and as we would say in Afrikaans, you're positively "hardegat", which is probably why you take so much pride in telling the world how "hardegat" your little princess(me) is:) But you're a born teacher with the patience of a saint when it comes to explaining a concept to someone. You always treat mom like she's the most precious gem ever discovered....i hope my husband will one day look at me with the same love and admiration. Mom, never in my life have i met someone with your softheartedness, passion for people and patience. You never sought to please yourself and would always be the one to give daddy his way when he's being particularly difficult. I certainly hope that one day when I'm married I'll be able to copy these characteristics.....if not, it's certainly not your fault. You set the perfect example.

I've asked myself plenty times how on earth you guys managed to stay so happily married for so long and remain so much in love. I think I've got it narrowed down to a couple of things.
1. Loads and loads of respect for each other
2. Understanding for each others dreams and passions in life
3. Loving each other more than life itself
4. Always willing to give up everything to be with each other
5. Praying together everyday....even in the tough times.

I hope and pray that one day when i finally take the step towards committing myself towards one man that I'll be able to copy the example set to me. I believe that if we could capture only half of what you have we'll be just fine:) I've come to realise that I'm indeed a blessed little girl. With parents who not only love each other but love me more than I'll ever be able to express.

There is so much more that I could say, but my eyes are becoming rather misty, and in truth i think it is unnecessary. You know how much i love you.....and that's the most important thing:)


Your little Ruby

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear whoever cares

I wasn't quite sure who to address this letter to. So, if you're reading means you give a damn...if you're reading it and you really don't care...thanks for reading it anyway;)

I've had a pretty hectic week. So much so that this morning i considered not being my normal little ray of sunshine...then again, the thought of it freaked me out a here I am once again, all smiles and laughing at the horrid week I've had..cause everything about it was stupid.

Monday started out a little bit rough. Big bossman and little bossman left for our clients in Namibia early on Monday morning, so I was left running the company for the next 3 days...hurray hurray! Except for one little glitch. I wasn't actually at the office on Monday. Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to control unloyal slaves when you can't actually see them? So on Tuesday i decided to abandon the thought of going to the clients and opted to rather go to the office. Which turned out to be a big mistake.

I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours trying to get to the office...*sigh*. Upon my arrival at the office, i realised that the slaves were doing the exact opposite from what they were supposed to be doing. I threw a neat rubylike tantrum.....which resulted in the desired reaction from the slave, and my insides were in harmony again. That is....they were until i spent another 3 hours stuck in traffic trying to go home....the joys of living in joburg i tell you;)

The big catastrophe struck on Wednesday morning. My phone was dead. I tried to charge it - nothing. I tried switching it on - nada! I tried taking it apart, putting it back together and then switching it on - still niks! noooooooooo!! I was at work without a phone. That meant that i would have to spend the whole day phoneless....oh boy! Why is this a catastrophe you might wonder....well, let me put it this way....1. The boss tried to phone me from Namibia, no joy! and freaked out because for some reason he couldn't get through to the office either....he thought we had been burgled and killed or something. 2. Jack tried to contact me on several occasions during the day, and managed to get himself into a nice little tizz because he couldn't reach me. 3. I was freaking out cause i felt totally isolated from the world. Yes yes, i know i have e-mail and msn and blogger and stuff....but it's just not the same OK? Not having a phone is a gigantic crisis in my life:(

I've managed to get my old phone to work, but I'm thoroughly disgusted to think that my beautiful, 3 month old phone is lying in my handbag absolutely useless! I guess i should be grateful that for now at least i have an old phone I can use. And at least i have most of my telephone numbers saved on my all is not lost;)

Thursday was relatively uneventful...thank goodness. The only thing that managed to disturb my tranquil world was the fact that the phone people won't listen to me. I'm 99.99% certain that the problem is the battery...but they won't even test that without sending away for 3 weeks...argh!!!!! Do they not understand my predicament??

This morning however was the cherry on top. I didn't sleep all that well, as i was a bit worried about a friend of mine, and this dude that's been haunting my dreams for the last week has once again showed up smiling on my dreamland doorstep. Very odd....but I'll write him a letter to discuss the matter with him at a later stage. I got up at quarter to 6(a bit later than usual), had a shower and prepared to blow dry my hair. My blow dryer was ominously quiet. Crap!

I finally threw it to the ground where it magically started blowing hot air again...odd. So i dry my hair, plug in my "oh so fancy American"straightener, check that the little light came on and waited the required 20seconds before trying to straighten my hair. And then.............the straightener was ice cold. So it's on but it ain't heating up. Double crap!

After throwing a little tantrum, and making peace with the fact that I'll be late, i managed to scratch out my very first, really old, really small straightener. Thank goodness it still works.......but it takes ages to heat up, and it takes really really long to straighten my long hair with it as it is so small. I waltzed into the office at 9...half an hour late...dressed to kill and wearing a near hysterical smile. At least my hair looks as pretty as my outfit...despite the drama i had this morning!

so yes, i had a not so nice week. I initially thought it was horrid, and then realised that I've had much worse. This was nothing. the dufus responsible for my week........bring it on bitch! I'm a strong baby...i can take it;)



P.S. Yes yes yes....i know i said I'm back and all...but things have been a bit hectic OK? I'm trying my best...i promise! oh, and yes, I realise that unloyal is not a word...but i like i'm using it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Sharks

Well done boys!!! I'm sooooo incredibly proud of you:) You've been my team forever and ever, and although i live in Gauteng now, I'm a sharky born and bred, and will stay that way forever!

I love you guys!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses

Your biggest and most fun loving fan


P.S. For those of you who have no idea what this is all about...look at this

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear manufacturers of the Key finder gadget

I do not usually resort to this kind of behaviour when it comes to myself...but I'm in desperate need. Things simply can not go on like this. It's going to drive me completely insane if it goes on like this......I need your help.

This morning, after waking up really early, blow drying and straightening the hair, remembering to pack my lunch, getting dressed, flipping through my uncomplicated and minimalistic make-up routine, grabbing my phone, my hand bag, my car keys and my laptop bag.....i suddenly realised that i didn't have my house keys. Crumbs! It should be on the white shelve above the microwave where i always put all my keys and where i collected my car keys from....but it's not. Not a-freaking-gain!

I turned my whole house upside down until i finally found it on the fridge next to the target mortein. Damn spiders! they were all over the show last night and poor arkwife and i....both being extreme arachnophobia.....had our hands full keeping them at bay when i tried to let her out. When i came back in, apparently I just dumped it all on the fridge. Great! I was late for work because i couldn't find my stupid house keys and i couldn't get out of the house! Well...not late exactly, but i wasn't able to get to work 2 hours early to start working on the practise review stuff(I'll tell you guys all about the hell I'll be in during the next 3 months at a later stage).

The problem I'm sitting with is that this wasn't the first time. I seem to misplace my keys on a regular basis. My house is not large, and it is relatively neat and tidy. I have a specific place where i put my keys, and 99% of the time you will find my car keys lying there, but my house keys seem to have the ability to go MIA in seconds!

Please please please could you send me one of those little key finder thingies?? It does of course pose the problem of always putting the remote you use to find the keys in one specific place.....but I'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

I hope that you'll be able to assist me in this regard.



Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Ex-boyfriend/friend

Your phone call on Tuesday was a pleasant surprise. I haven't heard from you in quite a while, and it's always good to play catchup with someone as amazing as you:) The reason for your call was however probably the best part of my day and brought a warm feeling to my heart.

You are now a father. Oh my gosh! you?? a dad? How could that be?? I still remember you as the hot shot of the school, with your oh so cute blond curls, ice blue eyes and tanned skin. The dude with the smile that always made my heart flip. The sport star who would send me a sign from the cricket pitch to tell me he loves me and that the next ball will be a six, especially for me. Who waved at me unashamedly from the rugby field, not caring that the other members of the 1st team thought it was soppy. You were so young, and now you're a dad. My we've grown;)

Our relationship was one of young puppy love. And my memories of that time are all happy. You were the love of my life at age 16....but by the age of 18 you had become a good friend instead. Our breakup was sad, but not cruel. Your parents were moving, and being only 17 at the time we weren't too keen on the whole long distance relationship thing. We broke it off with mutual consent....but always kept in touch.

Your friendly devotion to me through all this time is heartwarming and I'll always love you for that;) I couldn't attend your wedding, as it was at the same time as my Yankee brother's.....but i did bring you guys a wedding gift from the US. Your wife is sweet and charming and i wouldn't have found someone better suited for you if I chose her myself. You always thought that you weren't good enough for me. No matter what i said to you my friend, you always thought you weren't good enough. So your words to me on Tuesday made me finally thought you had achieved were a father. You are 50% responsible for creating a perfect little baby sir, have done me proud;)

I wish your, your wife and little JJ the best of luck, love and happiness for the future:) And if he turns out half the man his father is...he will be amazing!



P.S. Lots of hugs and prayers going out to my terrivle half. I love you hun!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear Terrivle half

*sniff sniff* please come back bridgy.....I is missing you!!!!



P.S. sos for being so awfully quiet guys....i do apologize from the bottom of my little heart. I miss you guys terribly...but things have been very hectic in this little girl's life. But i'm busy making a don't be strangers!!!!