Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Jack

Even though we've made peace with the way things are some time ago, I've held off writing this letter. Simply because writing this needs courage and a lot of thought and soul seeking i guess. So, I'm tired enough to be brave enough to write it, I'm at peace with our friendship, and I've had plenty of time to think of what exactly it is that i would like to say to you in this here here goes nothing;)

The romance started off in a little bit of a whirlwind/fairy tale sort of way. You managed to hijack my heart in a matter of minutes, and I know that you gave yours to me easily. But things just weren't meant to be. And the past reared it's awful head, rocking us back to the reality that is everyday life. For now it just won't work.

We decided to end the "insert whatever you would like to call it here". It was by mutual consent and very difficult, but probably the best decision we could have made....considering the circumstances. The strange thing is that you've become one of my best friends. I speak to you on a daily basis. You're still a safe person to talk to when I'm down or when i have a crisis. You still have the amazing ability to turn my sadness into laughter and to brighten my day with a smile.

Initially this reaction was due to the fact that i was still very much in love with you. I'll admit to that. I knew that you were still crazy about me....and the fact that you confessed this to me on several occasions after we decided to call it quits, did not exactly make it easy to let go.

But amazingly enough I'm finally over this. I'm over you. I've made a decision and I spent some much needed time focusing my life and my thoughts. I feel free and rejuvenated:) Our silly little love game has turned into a beautiful friendship. You are still a very important part of my life, but you are the love of my life no longer.

You will always hold a little piece of my heart. I'd be a liar if i denied that. But you are my friend, not my lover. I will always be here for you if you need me...but i think you know that already:)

I'm glad I've finally managed to muster up the courage to write this letter. In a way it is setting free the last strands of in loveness that has tried to hold my heart captive. I hope that you'll have the courage to confront your demons and look away from the past. Your history doesn't define who you are, it's only the road you've taken to discover yourself. You are an amazing person, and i hope that you will always remember that.


Your Ruby

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear *enter name of service provider here*

That's it!!! this little ray of sunshine has had enough!!! Forget ray of sunshine...think more in the lines of a little thunder storm...or wait, make that a big thunderstorm with lots of lightning and stuff.

About 3 weeks ago my 3 month old phone decided to bail out on me. I finally managed to take it to one of your outlets 2 weeks ago. I was promised that i would have my phone back in 2 to 7 working days. So yesterday, being 9 days since i took the phone in, I finally gave you guys a call. Only to be told that my phone has been ready since last week Wednesday!!!! So why didn't anybody let me know!!??? I've been battling to survive with my old phone that only lasts about 2 hours at a time.

Anywhoo...i decided not to become too unfluffed about it. When i got there to pick up my phone i was informed that the phone had been a dud, so you've sent me a brand new phone. Awesome! or so I thought initially anyway. It wasn't the right colour:( but since it was brand new, and i was in desperate need of a phone that could function for longer than 2 hours i decided to not give you too much trouble about it. In between working i re-entered all my numbers and stuff onto the phone, changed the settings the way i like them and went to bed a happy little ruby child.

This morning however has not exactly gone according to plan. 1. I am tired.....dead tired. I haven't' had a proper night's sleep in ages, I'm overworked and to top it all off i have to work all to be me right??? 2. We didn't have any power!!! It took me 45min to get from my house to the highway........a distance of only 3km. 3. I was therefore late for work. 4. I phone someone for the first time this morning from my phone and what happens???? it sounds like the person on the other side is talking to me from a metal box....all metally, echoey and distorted.

Don't panic....was my first reaction. It's probably just a bad line right??! I've had people phone me all day and still i get the same result.....metal box effect. I tried desperately to remain calm..but my nerves have been stretched to the max today...with clients getting on my nerves, slaves behaving like spoilt brats and the looming deadline chewing at my insides. I phoned the outlet i took it to to begin with.

A chirpy little employee answered the phone. She informed me that i had to return the handset immediately. OK, one problem here.....I'm at work! and tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock I'm leaving to go see my parents, I'll only be able to take it in next week sometime. So what does this silly little woman tell me??? Oh no can't do that! then *insert service provider name here* will think that you broke it, or that there wasn't something wrong with it since the beginning.

Well what the hell am i supposed to do???? it's not my fault that you are open the exact same hours that i have to be at work??? Apart from this I'm sitting here thinking about the fact that I'll probably have to spend another 2 weeks being practically phone less. Just trust me when i say that in my life that is a gigantic crisis!!!!!

I trust that you'll replace the phone immediately when i bring it in next week. That you won't accuse me of dropping it, kicking it, wetting it or generally breaking it. That you'll know better than to mess with sweet little ruby. I realise that i might appear all sweet and nice.....but trust me...there are times in my life...however few and far between....when you really shouldn't mess with me. Now is one of those times!!!



Monday, June 9, 2008

Dear Magaliesburg Rhino and Lion park

Thank you so much for an amazing experience on Saturday! It was my little cousins 12th birthday at the end of May. And as per our little tradition we decided to go do something fun together. I started this little tradition about 2 years ago with my 3 cousins living in Joburg. All three of them are younger than me and have become like my little sisters. So instead of giving them a gift on their birthday i take them on a fun outing.

So we've had everything from a cocktail evening, visits to the zoo, horse riding, visiting a bunch of art galleries to picnics in odd places, depending on the age of the cousin involved. After carefully considering my options, i decided to take my little cuz to your park.

We had a wonderful time!!! we played with the white lion and jaguar cubs, discovered that a lion cub of about 3-4 months has a paw bigger than my hand, took thousands of pictures of the animals we encountered on our drives and we had the privilege of being able to record the feeding of the white lions, wild dogs and the cheetahs.

We arrived home at tired, satisfied and highly entertained. I would like to commend you on a well taken care of reserve, excellent animal conditions and friendly faces we encountered everywhere. You've once again made my little cousins think that I'm the most wonderful cousin they could ever have asked for:)

Here are a few of my favourite shots:
A white lion cub
Playing with the Jaguar cubs
Young tiger at play
Cheetah on his way to feed
Unbelievably enough a cub of between 3-4 months' paw is as big as my hand!

we saw buffalo!!! one of the shyest animals ever...and the thing was right next to my car too!!! this picture was taken from my car without any zoom!!!!!

Thank you so much for an amazing experience....I'll definitely be coming again!



P.S. Thanx to me terrivle half for the idea:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Sweets

I realise that you didn't tag anybody in the meme you did, but I'm sort of in the mood to do it anyway. We both know that as a rule i detest meme's, but for once I actually feel excited to do this one. Also, this will help you to get to know me better:) I certainly hope you appreciate it sweety! So here goes nothing:)

What is in the back seat of your car right now? well, music sheets and charts, a hoody, a bottle of water and a book of poems

When was the last time you threw up? Earlier this year when i had food poisoning

What is your favourite curse word? don't curse, cept for shit, so I guess that's it then

What will you be doing 3 hours from now? 3 hours from now I'll desperately be trying not to kill my highly annoying and frustrating first year clerk

Have you ever been in a strip club?

What is the best ice cream flavour? choc vanilla fudge;)

What was the last thing you ate? Funky cow cheese wedge and a granny smith apple

Ever go camping? yes yes yes!!! i looooooover camping:)

Do you have a tan? not's winter after all

Do you drink your soda from a straw? yes, 2 straws actually.....and no, don't ask!

Are you some one's best friend? yes, definitely:)

Where is your Mom right now? At work in the beautiful place far far away surrounded by mountains...*sigh*

What colour is your watch? you have to specific, i have a couple. Silver, brown and silver, white, black

What comes to mind when you think of Australia? g'day mate! if it was nieu-zealand i would have said hobbiton:)

Would you consider plastic surgery? No.....not unless I'm scarred badly in a terrible accident

What is your birthstone? Ruby....go figure:)

How many kids do you want? of each, unless of course i have twins(highly likely) then i want 3

Have you met anyone famous??? oooh yes! plenty plenty famous people:) i organized more than one rock concert in my time, unknowingly "vryed" a couple of famous guys and i have a couple of semi-famous friends;)

Biggest annoyance in your life right now? I'll have to split it into a couple. Me clerks, a certain someone driving me nuts, and people who declare themselves humble but fail to prove it in the little things

Are you jealous of anyone? right now......not really.

What time is it? 09:56 am...yes yes, i should be working...but be grateful that i was thinking of you;)

Do you eat healthy? In a way yes;) but i have a well balanced diet...that's well balanced eating junk most days and having healthy days in between:)

How old will you be on your next b-day? Unlike Sweets, i won't lie:) 26

Name one thing you'd still like to do? Study fine and performing arts. Visit Spain

Favourite colour? Once again i have a couple. Green, black(which isn't really a colour but who cares???), orange and brown

Ok sweety, being the nice person i am, i won't tag anyone either.......hope you enjoyed this little journey into Ruby's mind:)