Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Odi

As I'm sitting here writing this I'm trying my very best to bite back the tears.  I am at work, I'm attempting to keep looking professional even though my heart is in a very sad place.  I just received your phone call. You are remarkably calm for somebody who has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor....a rather large one at that.  Then again....I would have been surprised if you weren't in complete control, a pillar of strength among your own sadness, the way you have always been.

I met you when i was only 17 years old, and over the years you have become a role model, a mentor, a life coach, a friend and for a brief moment in time you were also once the possible future father in law. You were there with advice and and a willing ear and shoulder when sadness struck and when i had to make big decision. Coaching me through life's little hurdles to become the person i was meant to be without either of us realising it.  In my mind you were invincible...nothing could ever get you down.  And here you are today, only human...your mortality cruelly flung into all our faces.

We are not without hope for a recovery.  You are waiting to hear when they will schedule your operation to take the tumor out.  Such a delicate and incredibly dangerous chest is already contracting in fear.  And then there will be months of chemo.  And with my family having a history of cancer I know what chemo does to a person.

I will hold you and your family in my prayers. Pleading with God to keep you safe during the operation and to make pain and suffering the minimum.  And at the same time I will express gratitude at the fact that i have you in my life at all.  And even though my heart is breaking right now I won't lose hope...because you won't let us.

I believe that one day soon we will all be walking on the beach again after this ordeal, laughing and singing: 'Al die goue see sand al die goue see sand by jou', and the thought of this brings a teary smile to my face.  Get better soon... *hugs*


Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Tom Tom White Pearl

Right! So here it very first Girl Guides review:)  I'll post the snapshot review on my blog and give you the link to the proper in depth review.  Enjoy!

Upon opening the box my first reaction was 'ooooh pretty!!!!' It's rather apparent what the main girly feature on this nifty little gadget is supposed to be.  It's gorgeous, it's cute and most importantly, it's feminine.  

i decided to give it a bash right away and used it to plot my way from the office to my new home, hoping that my brand new toy would be able to show me a new way of getting home.  Changing the 'home' address was easy enough, but what i did find was that the TomTom touch screen is not 'long nail' friendly.  Nor was it easy to attach the GPS unit on my windscreen.  This turned out to be a bit of a mission and i very nearly dropped the GPS a couple of times.  At first glance it doesn't appear as if the GPS unit can be detached from the little suction cup unit, and so attaching it at a suitable level for me seemed near impossible, while behind the steering wheel.  After a near fatal tangle which involved me, the dashboard and the GPS unit I'm rather embarrassed to admit that a few more times use lead to the discovery of how to pop the GPS unit from the suction cup in order to set it up more easily.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing with this little gadget some more.  And i plan on using it to find new routes to everywhere, including possibly from my lounge to my bathroom.

The full review including turnons and turnoffs can be found here. Go read it know you want to:)



Dear Girl Guides

OMG! soooo much of excitedness.  Finally, FINALLY the secret project which a whole lot of us have been a part of is live:) No more gag orders...yayness!!! I can finally spill the beans and tell everybody all about it and direct all my girly friends towards the site.

Basically, Girl Guides consist of a whole bunch of awesome awesome ladies who get together to discuss gadgets, technology, the how to's of technology and to drink wine and cocktails.  These ladies come from all walks of life and present an all inclusive view of the 'gadget world'.    The site is still in it's beta phase and therefor any feedback would be greatly appreciated:)  Now go click on the KNOW you want to:)

I'm VERY proud to say that I'm a reviewer and part of this incredible team of ladies and one or two gents:P  In future I'll be posting my snapshot reviews on this here blog and a link that will guide you to the full review on the Girl Guides website. 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Readers

As per previous posts I've done, inspired by Being Brazen, I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I always have so much fun doing these, and you guys participate so nicely I figured they will now become a regular feature on this here blog:)

I wish.......I wouldn't let you get to me and that the insults and stabs you take at me wouldn't hurt, but they do
Work....should not be allowed to rule your life...I'm still struggling with this one and am a workaholic at the best of times, but I'm working on it
Friends.....are the most incredible gifts and are meant to be treasured and loved...I'm trying my best to make the people who are special to me feel that they are appreciated and cared for
I am.....right now...truly happy, some of the happiness is because of certain things and people, but  large part of it is just simply because i am
Grace and something i show to the people around me easily, but i don't have much grace and mercy for myself..this needs to be changed
I have....come to realize the value of good company, sometimes good food and always a good red wine.
Next year....brings with it a lot of uncertainty and much excitement

Now you answer them:)


P.S.  Picture courtesy of lolcats

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear 30 seconds to Mars

ooooooh!!!! so Much of excitedness....can't believe you guys are actually coming to SA:) *does happy dance* There is NO WAY that I'm missing the opportunity to see you guys live:)  Sadly, bookings only open on the 26th of August...but I've set a reminder on my phone and I plan on buying my ticket as soon as bookings open:)  Details with regards to the show can be found here

I've decided to include the lyrics of one of my favourite recent songs as it is currently stuck in my head:)

No matter how many times that you told me you wanted to leave
No matter how many breaths that you took you still couldn't breathe
No matter how many nights did you lie wide awake to the sound of the pausing rain
Where did you go? Where did you go? where did you go?
As the days go by the night's on fire

Tell me would you kill to save a life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn
Let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all under ground

No matter how many deaths that i die, i will never forget
No matter how many lies that i live, i will never regret
There is a fire inside that has started a riot about to explode into flames
Where is your God? Where is your God? Where is your God?
Do you really want?
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead or alive to torture for my sins?
Do your really want?
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead or alive to live a lie?

Tell me would you kill to save a life?
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn
Let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

You say you're wrong, you're wrong, I'm right, I'm right, You're wrong, we fight
OK, I'm running from the light, running from the day to night
Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me
No matter how we try, it's too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony
So let it breathe, let it fly, let it go
Let it fall, let it crash, burn slow
And then you call upon God

Tell me would you kill to save a life?
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn
Let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

Can't WAIT to see you guys:)



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Ghost of weekend past

What a hectic weekend! On Friday after work i got in my awesome little car and headed of to Potchefstroom for my monthly Masters class. It had been an insane week and i was ridiculously tired on the drive.  Loud music, loads of water and a call from a good friend kept me awake till I reached the guest house.  Upon my arrival i spoiled myself with some comfort food and then settled into bed to watch 'The black adder'. 

I was recently given season 1 - 5 of this series by a really good friend, but because i had been so busy i haven't had a chance to watch any of it.  Luckily i thought of packing the first season while i dashed around my home on Friday morning packing for my trip.  I love British humor...but finally had to give up after the 4th episode as I was just too tired to keep my eyes open.

Saturday morning saw me getting up early and getting ready for class.  Breakfast at the guesthouse was, as always, awesome and total over indulgence:) It was my first class in a completely new subject with a new lecturer (thank goodness the ass presenting the first six months of this year had me at wit's end) and the material was quite enjoyable.  And thank goodness he understood the art of not lingering on things that everybody knows and for once i finished before 1. 

I desperately needed a trip to the hairdresser, but as my own hairdresser is a nightmare to get a booking with unless you're willing to wait 2 months, I decided to take the chance of an off afternoon and try out a new hairdresser.  Can somebody say super stressed??? I was nervous as all hell.  But she is awesome! She appreciated the fact that i asked her advice and returned the favour by explaining everything to me as she was doing it.  We decided to keep the colour more or less the same, but after considering it for a while now i decided to get bangs.  To be honest, I'm still completely undecided as to whether i like them or doesn't look horrible, which is a good thing i suppose. I'll include a hastily taken picture and will try get a proper one soon:)

And then I had the opportunity to spend my Saturday night having pizza and wine with a friend that i haven't seen since i moved.  It was awesome to catch up and to talk about so many things and get and give advice:)

Sadly, today, the day of rest, was spent doing the laundry, cleaning the apartment and working:( In fact, I'm still working *super sad face*.  But I'm quite happy to announce that after tonight i think the rest of the week will be slightly more relaxed where work is concerned....yay me! *read, i wont have to work until all hours of the morning every night*

Sadly, dear weekend, i didn't have much of a weekend, nor did i actually get to rest, but at least i got my hair done, which I've been threatening to do for weeks but haven't had the time for.  Lets hope that the weekend coming will have more success in seducing me into relaxation.



Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear RoadHog GP

So on Saturday morning, shortly after 5am, I left Jozi to go spend what was left of my long weekend with the parentals.  It was a bit of a last minute decision, but i was tired and stressed and I missed them and i needed the break.  So after one seriously hectic week i packed my bags and hit the road.  Excited about the drive as always...I love road trips!

About 23km or so before the De Hoek Tollgate, i spotted your vehicle in front of me on the highway in the fast lane.  You were only going about 80, but moved over into the slow lane long before i was anywhere close to you, so i just continued merrily on my way.  Then, as i pulled up beside me you suddenly swerved and tried to push me off the road.  Instinctively i hit my brakes and the hooter at the same time to prevent being pushed off the road, changed lanes and passed you in the slow lane.  Then all hell broke loose.

For some arb reason, totally unknown to me you started chasing me.  Driving right on my ass and gesturing at me through the window.  I was getting freaked out, as i knew the tollgate was coming up and I'd have to stop. We finally reached the tollgate and as we stopped you stopped right on my ass to prevent me from going anywhere. You and the guy in the passenger seat got out, ran up to my car and started bashing at the windows with your fists...trying to break the windows, shouting.  I clearly recall every single word out of your filthy mouth...the string of insults was started with :'I'm gonna f*** you up you racist little bitch! I'm gonna get you and I'm gonna f*** you up you f***ing racist bitch". I suspect the look on my face didn't help, i was so surprised by the whole thing that my face literally portrayed 'dude, what the hell are you on about".  Thankfully, the car in front of me went through the gate and I could move forward, AND a taxi driver pulled up behind your car and started shouting at you through the which time you ran back to your car.

The lady working at the tollgate, bless her soul, told me to just drive, she'll try and stall you long enough so i can get some distance between us, as I'd have to turn off the highway soon and didn't want you following me onto the abandoned little farm roads that I'd be taking. To say that i was driving 160km/h would be an understatement. I figured I'd rather get a fine or be pulled over by the cops than be pushed off the road by you and your insanity.

I was quite badly shaken at the time.  I'm fine now, but dude, seriously, you need to get help.  I didn't even do anything and you were trying to attack me and push me off the road...what is up with that?? or did you figure it was a nice little game because i was a girl and i was alone in my car? Coward! It's people like you that cause other people to live in fear and to buy guns.  It is due to people like you that our can't reach it's full potential. 

Sadly I didn't think of taking down your registration number at the time.  All i wanted to do was get out of there.  If i had, you would have had so much crap right now.  Next time you decide to act like a complete neanderthal i hope you mess with the wrong person..idiot.