Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Blogger

It is with a touch of sadness that I write this letter today, although I have to admit the overall feeling is one of excitement and happiness.  You see, I'm writing this letter to say goodbye.  No longer will I be logging into blogger to write my little letters to the world.

I've finally grown up and have decided to launch my own domain *big fat grin*.  I've been with you a good 3 years, but it was time to take my relationship with blogging to the next level and sadly i think I've outgrown blogger.  We've had a good run you and I, and I shall miss you dearly.  I won't be deleting this site, for the time being anyway...but my re-invented blog (my very OWN domain) can be found here.  So if you wish to continue reading my little letters to the world please be sure to visit

Lots of love, fond wishes and farewells

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear readers

So i haven't done of these in a little while:)  It works like this....i start a couple of random sentences and then complete them on my blog, then you complete the same sentences in the comment section of this here blog:)

Today.....I am feeling a little bit sad as my brother and sister in law will be flying back to the states tonight.  Reality hit this morning when i realised it is the last time I'd be saying 'good morning' to him in person for probably another 2 years or so.

I am.....feeling slightly stressed about this whole finding a job before the end of February's nerve wrecking, i won't lie.

There are times....when i think that maybe i am TOO understanding of people's situations and TOO logical.  Maybe people take advantage of me and walk all over me without realising it because i tend to be the person who will more than likely completely understand why you did something and will therefore NOT throw a temper tantrum about it, accept it and move on.  Maybe i need to stand up for myself a little bit more.

I've realised......that what i want is not necessarily always what is best for me.

The cutest thing.....I've heard in a long time is a snippet of conversation between my brother and my sister in law last night.  We went to Moyo to early celebrate my brother's birthday.  The Americans loved it and we let them have the whole African experience with the hand washing and the painting of the faces.  Now bear in sister in law is a full blooded American, but has slowly but surely been teaching herself Afrikaans for the sake of my brother.  So after the lady with the paint finished the cute little flower on my sister in laws face my brother goes: 'jy lyk mooi'.  She smiled sweetly and answered in the most adorable accent: 'dankie liefie, jy lyk ook mooi'. My brother then replied with: 'is dit as gevolg van die paintjob?'.  She grinned and blurted out a quick 'yup' before they both collapsed in giggles.  It was just really cute and sweet to watch and hear and totally made me smile:)

Now my lovelies...go be nice and play along:)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear 2011

I've never been big on the whole new year's resolutions thing.  A friend of mine's brother recently hit the nail on the head when he tweeted : “I don’t understand people and their new years resolutions… why wait for a new year to better yourself? that’s just foolish and lazy.”

I really don't believe in making big life changing decisions at the turn of the year.  It's silly, in my honest opinion, and if you are quite honest with yourself you will see that in most cases you end up breaking your new year's resolution.  Why? There are a million possible answers to the favourite probably includes the fact that you weren't ready to commit and do what had to be done and therefor not ready for the decision when you made it.

So while my dear 2011 post will not include any new year's resolutions I will share with you a few things that this year will bring, or rather that i hope this year will bring.

  • A new job by the end of Feb.  I really want to move out of my current field into the more specialised field that i did my masters degree in, namely Forensic Accounting/auditing.  I've decided to be bold and courageous and to cast my net really wide.  My search will therefore not be limited to joburg, or Cape Town or SA even.  See what i mean with casting my net wide?  Ideally i need to find something by the end of hold thumbs and say prayers OK?  And 2011 you better be playing nice!
  • I've decided to give myself the year off...academically speaking.  The 2 years working on the masters degree was a nightmare, and at the same time i loved it, because it was exactly what i wanted to be doing.  Will i be doing a PhD? maybe....but I'm definitely giving myself a year to settle into place and take a's needed:)
  • I hope that 2011 will bring lots of personal growth, growth in my spiritual relationship and growth in my friendships.  Getting to know the ones you hold closest and dearest even better is something i wouldn't sacrifice for all the money in the world:)
  • If all goes according to plan I'll be touring through Europe with my best friend and a couple of others in either September or October....*looks at 2011 threateningly* you BETTER make sure that happens!
  • Since my hand is healing swiftly i plan on getting back into my exercise routine as soon as possible.  No, this is not the typical new year's resolution of "i need to lose weight, i will gym".  I am generally pretty good about doing exercise and i try to look after myself as much as possible, but with the recent spurt of bad luck with my body I haven't been near any form of exercise (except for climbing the mountain the other day) in weeks and i plan to get back into it as soon as my hand allows for it.
  • I really want to work towards being a better person.  This is also not a new year's resolution. It's a life motto...but i hope to continue doing so during this year.
  • And there is a little part of me that's kind of hoping that 2011 will be the year of prince charming.  It's not that I'm looking and it's not that I'm lonely and it's not that I'm desperately wanting someone.  BUT it would be awesome if he would decide to finally come this way during 2011.  I mean, considering that i won't be studying this year I'd actually have all the time in the world for this:P  On a more serious note.....I guess at the end of the day all of us sometimes want that someone to share our lives with.  Will that happen in 2011? I don't know..maybe.  All i know is that whether he comes along or whether he waits another year or couple of years...i will continue being who I am and standing for what I believe in.  If i meet him, i great, if i don't...then well that's great too.  Because I've learned that if you can't be complete and if you don't believe that you're good enough as an individual without someone, you will NEVER be complete and good enough with someone. 
Well...2011, i hope you play along nicely this year and follow my instructions to the tee.  If you don't I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when i come to it.  In the meantime I'm just going to sit here and believe that you will play along...cause that's just the kind of person I am.


Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2010

My my my...what a year this has been. Full of ups and downs, happies and all round good but tough year:) I've decided to end my year saying: 'I'm tracing the outlines of 2010 and liking the picture I see'.

I've decided to dedicate this post to everything that happened this year and all the lessons I learned, both good and all these things played a roll in who I am today:)

2010 will be etched into my memory for the following reasons:
  • I started my year off with a bang by visiting the gorgeous  Victoria falls...such an amazing experience.
  • I got my iPhone!
  • two other gorgeous friends had their babies.....we welcomed babyice and Faith into the world
  • A really good friend that lived on the same property as me committed suicide at our home.  He hanged himself, i saw was a traumatic and really sad experience, that i pray i never have to relive EVER again.  I was fortunate to have special people in my life who really stood by me and supported me.  Some people would simply stay awake with me through the night because i couldn't sleep.  Thank you.

  • I met the American boy (he was the brother of the friend who committed suicide...odd that we would meet under such strange circumstances and click immediately).  Paul always said we'd hit it off:)

  • I learned that I'm easily disappointed in myself for doing/thinking/saying things or for not doing/thinking/saying them when i should have.  I give myself a really hard time afterwards.  But then I work really hard to fix where i messed up.  I'm not entirely sure if i should tell myself to cut myself some slack or to just stay the same I'm now.  Both have pros and cons

  • I moved into my new home!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! The area is fantastic, the apartment is perfect for me and it's only a 15min drive from work on the worst possible traffic days:)

  • I met my heart.........

  • I learned that just because someone promised you forever does not mean they will keep that promise

  • My good friend Superolz introduced me to Vida Coffee....I'm addicted:/

  • I found that it is possible to instantly connect with someone

  • Friends are found in the most amazing places....sometimes at a random braai at a house of a person you don't even know while gate crashing parties

  • Falling in love is both an amazing and a really scary experience.  It is however mostly good and definitely advisable:)

  • During the move i discovered a whole bunch of shoes i had completely forgotten about.  Can somebody say HappyRuby?

  • The female slave finally resigned and moved away.  I can not begin to tell you how happy this made me.  She made my life a misery for years.  

  • We attended #AnGlugWedding:) My two gorgeous friends finally got was definitely a wonderful wedding:)

  • I gave myself a pretty impressive blue eye....don't ask:/

  • I spent my birthday sick as a dog in bed...but did end the week with an awesome birthday party at least

  • A dear friend who has been a mentor and a great source of wisdom through a large part of my life was told he had an exceptionally large tumor on his brain.  I was shattered, however I'm happy to report now that after extensive surgery and a long recuperation period he is doing quite well.  

  • My trust issues were fuelled by a certain someone.

  • Soccer World Cup was held in SA....amazing amazing time....I'd like to bring 'Phillip' back if i can:P

  • GirlGuides was launched and i was one of the lucky girls who was asked to write gadget reviews for them:)

  • I was the victim of quite a serious roadrage incident

  • I had a fair amount of disagreements with the little bossman at work.  For the first time in the 6 years i have worked with the company i wasn't 100% happy...i didn't like this feeling.  But I'm happy to report that the situation has greatly improved.

  • I won an iPad from Afrihost!!!!!! *super big grin*

  • Having vicious rumors spread about you is not a pleasant experience

  • Some people ALWAYS have to be right.  They will NEVER admit that they are wrong, and will rather write off a friendship than admit that they made a mistake.

  • I discovered that there are more than a fair share of well known auditing firms in the country who don't even remotely adhere to the various standards they are supposed to be complying with...this really really really gets my blood boiling

  • I had a VERY memorable trip to Cape town as a mini break:)

  • Some people have a set of rather impressive double standards....i can't stand this practice. 

  • I started teaching myself to speak German...this is still very much an ongoing project that will keep me busy now that i don't have a masters degree keeping me occupied:)

  • I went through a period of suspecting that my landlord was sneaking into my apartment while i wasn't at home.  It was silly and stupid and started because he has a set of keys for the house and because i couldn't find clothes that i was looking for:)

  • We attended the Girls Only media launch...a business started by a lovely friend of mine:) 

  • #TheKernel was born:) And even though i have never met TheCaz in person there is no one I can think of that is more deserving of this incredible bundle of joy.  After everything she's been through i'm defnitely celebrating the birth of this little miracle in my 2010 memories blog:)

  • I launched my own little Ruby's secret project:) It kicked off with a bang and i want to encourage everyone to keep sending me their secrets:)

  • I was attacked by an evil squirrel

  • I got to watch Mama Mia

  • My gran became incredibly sick and was hospitalised for 2 weeks.  All of us, including all the various doctors were convinced she only had days left to live.  She on the other hand had a completely different opinion about the whole thing.  She was discharged and went back home accompanied by an oxygen machine which she has to use for a couple of hours each day.  We saw her now over Christmas and she is still as naughty and mischievous as ever.  She's gotten old though, and this makes me really sad.  She's not just my gran, she's my friend and the very thought of losing her makes me feel broken inside.  I'm grateful for each extra day i get to spend with her.

  • We went to see Grease

  • I won a gorgeous clutch bag and brooch from Miss Molly's Fashion on Being Brazen's blog *another super big grin*

  • Claude and Minnette got married...was an absolutely stunning wedding.

  • I had a pretty impressive fall at Metro Lounge while attending a friends birthday.  I had a huge bruise for weeks and my knee was swollen twice it's normal size for quite a while.

  • An old housemate and friend got engaged:)

  • We had our 10 year matric reunion *eeeek* which i had to was quite a lot of fun:)

  • I got my MASTERS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy dance* after 2 years of blood, sweat, tears, no sleep and about a million sacrifices i finally made it.  My happiness knows no bounds:)

  • I had an operation on my hand to remove a growth that's been causing me all kinds of hassles.  As it turns out the operation was way more invasive than originally planned and the recuperation and healing is taking a lot longer than anticipated.  It is almost 4 weeks ago and i still can't do a large amount of things with my right hand.  But the specialist assures me that the operation was a success and in time i will regain full use of my hand.

  • I had an 'in chair operation' done on my mouth.  While grinding on my teeth in my sleep i managed to get a shard of tooth stuck in my jaw bone.  They had to dislocate the jaw and cut out quite a large piece of my jawbone in order to get rid of the shard.  This resulted in bone grafts and a titanium implant.  All in all an extremely painful experience.

  • I got to spend Christmas with my gran:)

  • Wall-E got engaged!

  • My brother and sister in law came to visit from the states:) They are in fact still here and will be here for another 10 days:)

  • My sister in law gave me a handmade quilt as a Christmas gift this year.  What an awesome and touching gift:)

  • My house was hit by lightening...twice.

  • Cobus and Lizette got married...she was one of the most beautiful brides I have EVER seen.

  • Spiritually this was definitely a year of grace.  It was a year of many searches.  I questioned many many things about what i believe and why. And even after all of that there was just no way that I could deny the existence of my powerful, all loving, all knowing and merciful God.  His grace is truly enough, and He had grace to allow me to question and search without letting me go. My beliefs are based on what I have experienced and does not come from what I have been taught or told.  He is real and He loves me.  I realise that not all of you reading this will agree or understand this.  But He is real to me and therefore makes out a very important part of my memorable moments of 2010.

  • I'm sitting here on the last day of 2010. Happy and content.  My heart is full.  I get to spend it with my family.  There are only 3 people missing to make this little picture a 100% perfect...but at the moment it's damn near perfect:)

I was saying this morning that even thought this year has rushed past at a ridiculous speed, January feels a million years ago.  Such a ridiculous contrast and yet so true.  It's been a really tough year.  I've had to cope with disappointment and hurt and about a million other challenges, but i survived and for that reason alone it was a good year.  Don't get me wrong, there were many good and even incredible things that happened this year, but i can honestly say that I experienced the past year as incredibly tough. I hope that 2011 will be a better one.  Filled with challenges and new things and blessing and lessons to learn.  If all goes well I'll do a little dear 2011 post, and while I don't plan on having new years' resolutions i hope to make make myself aware of what i expect of the new year. So my lovelies....Happy new year! I hope that 2010 has given you the chance to grow and that 2011 will be filled with many blessing, lots of love, friendship and happiness and that in a years' time we will all be saying "I survived 2011". Much love Ruby xxxxxx P.S  I've added a few pictures of various moments in 2010.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ruby's secrets

It's finally here!!! The second monthly post for Ruby's secret.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent in secrets...and I'd like to encourage you to keep sending the secrets to  with the subject line 'Ruby's Secrets'.

After much consideration i decided to post a handful of secrets per blog post.  So, for those of you that e-mailed a secret but don't see it on this post...keep your eyes open in the next one:
I'm not cynical about love

Dawson's creek lover:)
in love with a lesbian
Whose the biggest fool?
Be mine:)

I sent this secret into Post Secret and it was published on October 18, 2009.  No one I know would ever think I do such a thing. 

BTW, my stash is in my car.  I have about a dozen pair

walk with me
I think you're an idiot
 Well my lovelies...hope you enjoyed these:) And remember to keep them coming.


Dear life

I would appreciate it if you could cut me some slack right about now *pulls face*.

OK, so it's not ALL bad.  In fact, there are one or two super awesome things that have happened of late too. So, let me start with the first and the biggest and the bestest thing.  I passed my MASTERS degree:) Can we get a whoop whoop?  I realise that to some it might seem that I'm making a really big deal out of this, and they might not understand.  But to me this is a big deal.  It's been 2 years of blood, sweat and tears and about a million sacrifices.  Late nights, no sleep, high stress level and millions of hours of research later and here i stand...i finally made it:)  I was so relieved i felt like crying:)  So allow me to say...yay me! and do a little happy dance and come celebrate with me if you want.

Last week Friday...or rather, the Friday before that....i finally relented and paid a visit to the hospital with regards to the growth in my hand.  The fact that it had been swollen and incredibly painful for days and that the growth had become remarkably bigger was really stressing me out.  Once can't help but wonder if the original diagnoses saying it was a bone cyst was wrong.  What if it wasn't something as innocent as all that.  What if it's a tumor?  So i spent a stressful day at the hospital being sent back and forth between the x-ray department, the specialist the ultrasound people and the doctor. 

The specialist was furious.  The original diagnoses had been wrong.  It wasn't a cyst at all.  It's an abnormal growth on the bone, causing lots and lots of damage and which would in time render my right hand absolutely useless.  It had to be removed immediately.  I was booked in for an operation on Tuesday. Panic stations! The specialist assured me that the chances of it being malignant was incredibly small, but they will test it anyway, just to double check.

So on Tuesday morning I was taken to hospital by my awesome friend.  His strength and support and calmness helped more than he could know.  I was on the verge of tears...since the accident i really don't deal well with hospitals.  Thankfully the operation went off without a hitch and i was cleared for discharge on Tuesday afternoon.  At least i could go and recuperate at home...score!

It's been a painful and frustrating couple of days.  Having your dominant hand rendered useless and in a lot of pain while living alone is NOT for the feint hearted.  My hand was so swollen that moving it became impossible and my knuckles couldn't be distinguished from the sausages that were my fingers.  Thankfully most of the swelling is now gone:) I was perfectly miserable and whiny for a couple of days...I'm sure the entire twitter can vouch for that.  But my hand is improving every day and I'll be back to see the specialist in a week's time.  I've included a couple of pics of the progress:)

But now, the reason for my whiny letter to life, requesting a break is this.  I have the annoying habit of grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw in my sleep when I'm stressed.  Obviously the operation has been quite stressful for me, so I've been doing quite a bit of biting in my sleep.  On Saturday evening i woke up in excruciating pain in my lower right jaw.  Not only had I managed to rebreak a tooth i had broken years ago, but i also managed to lodge a piece of broken root in my jaw. *shudder*

By Sunday morning the whole right side of my face was swollen, nothing was helping for the intense pain and nowhere in JHB could i locate an emergency dentist.  Between my hand and my mouth i eventually collapsed in a pathetic little heap of tears and took myself off to casualties to get something for the pain.

Monday was my first day back at work...i won't was painful.  But my hand is coming along nicely and this made me smile.  My mouth however was a completely different story.  The dentist is unable to help me until we can get the swelling down.  He did however take an X-ray and was horrified at the way that the root had broken off inside the gum and managed to lodge itself in the jaw.  He's prescribed super strong painkillers and anti-biotics...i hope they start working ASAP...can't really handle much more of this.  This also means that my as yet untainted mouth (no cavities, no fillings, nothing) will no contain remain untainted:/  I'll be going in on Thursday (he's kind enough to help me on the public holiday) to have an implant done.  Bye bye Christmas my medical aid will not be covering this rather expensive procedure.

Now can you see where I'm coming from begging for a break?  What i have learned in the last two weeks is that when it rains it definitely always pours....this applies to both the good and the bad in life.  The trick is not to drown but to learn to dance in the rain.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Claudz

So madam, you tagged me in you 'i love you blog' post.  The only decent thing to do is to comply and to address this here little letter to you:) So here goes nothing....

1. Why did you create your blog?
I used to have a blog on myspace.....ages and ages ago when i first moved to Jozi.  The blog was however discovered by people who didn't like what i was writing and to keep the peace my little blog was abandoned.  However, my love of writing wouldn't hide and after a view brief months of not blogging i finally started Ruby Letters.  It's therapy for me, it gives me a voice:)

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I read mostly life blogs.  And then there are a couple of people who blog about other things like fashion and awesome furniture ideas and funky Friday quotes which i enjoy:)

3. Favourite make-up brands
I have a very sensitive skin and don't wear much make up.  Mascara wise i only ever wear Maybeline as it doesn't irritate my eyes.  Make up wise i flutter between Annique and Mac.

4. Favourite clothing brands
hmmm....I'm not a big fan of branded clothing.  I guess the only 2 brands i really buy would be Sissy Boy and Levi.  And the levis i ONLY buy when my brother comes to visit from the states and it's cheap.  I have to confess that I own a Polo dress...but it was bought for a function.  My absolute favourite clothing shop is contest!

5. Your indispensable make-up product?
Erm....i don't have one *shakes head*

6. Your favourite colour
I love black...then again..that's not really a colour:/  Olive green, orange and red wine red:)

7. Your perfume?
I have 3 that i love.  My most favourite is Lacoste Touch of Pink...also love Black XS by Poco Rabonne and Guilty by Gucci.

8. Your favourite film?
So difficult:( I'll just list a couple i think:
 - my life as a house
 - a beautiful mind
 - forest gump
 - Amalie
 - Spanglish
 - Moulin Rouge
 - Chicago
 - Save the last dance
Actually....most dance movies is an instant hit in my books:)

9. What country would you like to visit and why? many! Germany, Spain, France, Iceland.......etc

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself: What is the answer to life?
42, without a doubt!