Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Ruby

OK need to start looking after yourself somehow....or you need to seriously speak to the environment around you....or you need to start living in a zorb, as suggested by a friend, cause you can't go through life abusing yourself.

But wait....let me back up and explain a little bit.  So as you all know, the week of my birthday i was sick as a dog....but the week did end with an awesome awesome party on the Friday night:) Thank you again to all who attended:) Then, last week i was on study leave as i was writing exams this past Saturday.  So on Wednesday i got to the guesthouse by the university and as I'm unpacking the car i drop the car keys.  As i swoop down to catch them in a move that would make Jonty Rhodes jealous, my beautiful car decides it's time for the doors to close......which meant that the corner of the car door and the corner of my eye met with quite some force...and I've been walking around with a gorgeous black eye since then. 

Funniest part by far is that most people don't actually believe me when i tell them what fact, most strangers come and advise me to get out of my abusive relationship. Sweet in a way....but disturbing that people automatically assume that you're in an abusive relationship.  Sad that this is what our world is coming to.

Here's a picture of my eye the day after it happened:
This is what my eye looks like today....5 days after the 'incident'.
Then, on Saturday night...after a tiring day of writing exam and watching skydivers, I decided to have a nice long bath.  AND of course i just HAD to slip and fall on the tiles in my hallway. Falling solidly on my tailbone and lower back. So not only do i now have a black eye, i also have an injured wrist, a bruised hand, a bruised upper arm and an injured back. *sigh*
Above is one of the billions of bruises on my upper right arm.

Please at least try and look after yourself from now on....pretty please.



Jeanette said...

LOL you need to be wrapped in cottonwool :)

Ruby said...

*grin* so far i have the following suggestions:
- bubble wrap
- a zorb
- cotton wool

anybody like to add any others?

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Anonymous said...

That is hectic! It looks like you've been through a battle