Friday, February 27, 2009


Not usually being one to complain about the police, I hope you realize just how shocking, disturbing and sobering this experience must have been for me to be writing this letter.

On Wednesday morning, on my way to work, a JMPD vehicle almost rear ended me because the JMPD officer behind the wheel was on his cellphone and therefor not paying attention to what was going around him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but talking on your cellphone while driving is illegal in this country, isn't it?

Anyway, this wasn't nearly as disturbing as what happened next. Please note that the vehicle did not have it's sirens or flashing lights on, and was obviously not on it's way to some kind of an emergency. The vehicle proceeded to push me of the road, causing me to nearly roll my car, and then drove past throwing me a zap sign.....what the hell????? I was unable to take the vehicle's registration number as I was trying my best not to write off my own precious little car in the process.

Needless to say I was disturbed, upset and just a tad hysterical. I ended up crying all the way to work, ruining my make-up and developing an absolutely awful headache. After getting some tea from my precious Hilda(tea lady), to calm the nerves, I tried phoning the police department to lodge a joy!

First of all I was informed that this was impossible, no police officer would push another car off the road and proceed to be rude about it. But when they finally agreed to take the complaint, I was informed that without a registration number I can't even lodge a complaint, or at least not one that would be taken seriously at all. I'm sorry, I couldn't take down the registration number because I was trying NOT TO GET KILLED!!!!!!

This is the second time in as many months that I've had a major problem with JMPD. One evening last month, a DRUNK police officer, actually tried to pull me over, after I instinctively hooted at him when he cut me off. He was swerving across the highway, drunk as a skunk, causing more than one person to have to veer off the highway in an attempt not to be hit.

Due to this I've lost all respect for our so-called law enforcers. I've always tried to remain positive and supportive wherever I can...but this is absolutely ridiculous.


A very upset Ruby

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Blue eyes

I have so many emotions and thoughts running around in my head that I have no idea how to put them down on paper, much less blurt them out in a conversation. I realise that I’m famous for my extreme and incurable case of Foot in Mouth disease, but there are times when even I struggle to grasp words, any words to express what’s going on in my little world.

We’ve been friends for a very long time the two of us. I was there when your whole world collapsed, I was there during the period that you rebuilt it...doing more than my fair share to help. I saw you meet the love of your life, and I made an effort to get to know her and to be her friend, initially for your sake, but later, for hers. She’s an amazing lady....full of love and charm and although she is in many ways the exact opposite of me, we get along like a house on fire. The only thing to ever mar our friendship Even though she knows she has nothing to fear, she can’t help but feel insecure about our friendship. So we decided to bridge the gap for her.....we stopped sharing long standing private jokes, we ensured that we never spent time alone, always including her in everything...and it worked. Until now.

The other night you phoned me at about 9. Please could you come for coffee. I was under the impression that she would be joining us, and being the little night owl that I am, I didn’t mind. Great was my surprise when you showed up on your own. I was really glad to see you, but the first thing that jumped out of my mouth the second you got out of the car was:”Where is she??” You became slightly evasive and told me that she went on holiday with her folks.....leaving you behind for a week. I’ve never been good at keeping my mouth shut, so I just jumped right in and wanted to know why on earth she would go on holiday without you, considering that it would have been completely possible for you to join her....You didn’t have an answer.

It’s no secret between us that there was a stage, a couple of months before you got engaged, that you were in love with me...and passionately so. I didn’t feel the same, and after long talks you accepted it, you even managed to talk to you wife to be about it, telling her about your silliness and the realisation that it wasn’t real. I was relieved and happy that it was all out in the open, crisis averted.

I’ll be honest....I’m worried, really worried. The fact that you came to see me alone, hardly answered any of my questions about the two of you, and then proceeded to tell me that you didn’t tell her that you were coming to see me and would appreciate it if I didn’t tell her either......I’m actually feeling kind of sick with worry. You never seem to smile any more, yet when the two of you are together you act as if everything is just peachy, and maybe it is, I’m just not convinced.

I’ve given you an ultimatum. Tell her you came to visit me while she was away or I will. Maybe i’m making a mountain from a molehill. But considering the current situation, and the history, I don’t want anybody pointing fingers at me saying that I was the cause of a failed marriage. I didn’t do anything wrong, I know that much....but I need you to tell her that you were at my house...even if it’s only for the sake of my sanity.

You’re like my brother, and I would do almost anything to see you happy and excited about life. But I refuse to be part of something that makes me feel dirty, even though i didn’t do anything wrong. Am I just being paranoid? Do I have reason to be worried? Why does everything always have to be so complicated...*sigh*



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yay me!!!!!!

Ok, so as you've probably noticed, today's post aint a letter:) There is a reason for this, I swear and if you'll give me just a second of your time I'll get to it.

Today is my 100th post.....YAY ME!!!!! Despite numerous issues with Internet, periods of neurotic behaviour, cruises, 2 month breaks and scary stalker I finally made it! whoooop!

I've been over thinking this whole 100th post thing for waay too long...trying to figure out a way to make it interesting and memorable, and to my absolute horror I came up with.....well, nothing. Amid the tax deadline, which is today by the way, creativity seems to be lacking. Sorry:(

I thought about doing a post about interesting facts about me that you guys don't already know, but then decided to keep that in case somebody tags me for a never know with these bloggers. After much deliberation and weighing the pros and cons I finally decided to face one of my fears head on. I decided to post a couple of pictures me, Ruby, in real life. Now granted, I have posted pics with me in them in the last couple of weeks, but never have i specified that it's me and never of well....just me. The reason I have been so incredibly paranoid about this is because I've had my fair share of stalkers. The last one in fact turned out to be plain scary and perverted. All the readers out there who knew about this and how incredibly scary the last couple of months have been will be glad to know that I managed to get rid of him....and no, I'm not planning on divulging those details on my blog.

Please note that these pictures will only be on the blog for about 24hours, if you miss the window of opportunity to find out what I look like.....well....sorry for you!

This is like our "for giggles" signature pose or something......

At Hershey's chocolate world in Hershey, hot choc ever!!!!!

In Mosselbay....Santos beach to be exact.

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Cocktail bar fun..whooop!

At AK's wedding actually

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OK, so I realise the post isn't exactly WOW material or anything, but this is me in all my glory.....well, almost anyway. And it took a lot of guts, being the paranoid person I am, so say nice things OK!