Friday, February 27, 2009


Not usually being one to complain about the police, I hope you realize just how shocking, disturbing and sobering this experience must have been for me to be writing this letter.

On Wednesday morning, on my way to work, a JMPD vehicle almost rear ended me because the JMPD officer behind the wheel was on his cellphone and therefor not paying attention to what was going around him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but talking on your cellphone while driving is illegal in this country, isn't it?

Anyway, this wasn't nearly as disturbing as what happened next. Please note that the vehicle did not have it's sirens or flashing lights on, and was obviously not on it's way to some kind of an emergency. The vehicle proceeded to push me of the road, causing me to nearly roll my car, and then drove past throwing me a zap sign.....what the hell????? I was unable to take the vehicle's registration number as I was trying my best not to write off my own precious little car in the process.

Needless to say I was disturbed, upset and just a tad hysterical. I ended up crying all the way to work, ruining my make-up and developing an absolutely awful headache. After getting some tea from my precious Hilda(tea lady), to calm the nerves, I tried phoning the police department to lodge a joy!

First of all I was informed that this was impossible, no police officer would push another car off the road and proceed to be rude about it. But when they finally agreed to take the complaint, I was informed that without a registration number I can't even lodge a complaint, or at least not one that would be taken seriously at all. I'm sorry, I couldn't take down the registration number because I was trying NOT TO GET KILLED!!!!!!

This is the second time in as many months that I've had a major problem with JMPD. One evening last month, a DRUNK police officer, actually tried to pull me over, after I instinctively hooted at him when he cut me off. He was swerving across the highway, drunk as a skunk, causing more than one person to have to veer off the highway in an attempt not to be hit.

Due to this I've lost all respect for our so-called law enforcers. I've always tried to remain positive and supportive wherever I can...but this is absolutely ridiculous.


A very upset Ruby


angel said...
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angel said...

oh i'm so sorry ruby... it is very hard to maintain a healthy respect for our law enforcement department when they behave so badly time and time again!

Being Brazen said... awful and annoying.

*hugs* glad you ok - stupid cop

po said...

Shit that is insane. Does not give you much confidence when the police behave like criminals.

Ruby said...

Angel - oh well....there aint much we can do about the situation...cept complain

BB - Thanx hun:)

Po - yeah...and the last couple of days haven't helped either

A JMPD vehicle, without flashing lights and sirens, skipped a red light this morning and slammed into the car next to me....thankfully I wasn't hit...but JMPD is going into negative points here

Arkwife said...

OMW!!! Seriously. I can't believe they employ such bad and reckless drivers. I'm so grateful that I've never had to deal with them.