Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Caz and Tamara

The reason i decided to write a combined letter is because both of you tagged me for the same meme...and since we all know that I'm not the most enthusiastic meme participant, and also it would be quite ridiculous to do the same meme twice, I've decided to write one letter and just address it to both of you:)

As far as I understand, the meme works like this:
- Link back to the original meme (that would be this post) and the meme inspirer (that would be
- Link to the person who tagged you (Caz) and (Tamara) the other person who tagged you
- Give (at least) 5 reasons why you love SA
- Tag at least 5 peeps
- Let me know when you've done it!

1. I love the way my countryman react to a crisis. I swear, Saffers are the only people in the
world who, when faced with a crisis, find their strength in humor. Every time when things
go really pear shaped in our country the sms and e-mail jokes start flying around on the
subject of the crisis, putting everyone into a slightly better mood and ensuring that we're all
geared to deal with the consequences of whatever we're facing.

2. I love the fact that we don't only have 11 official languages, but we have a 12th, very much
unofficial language - Souf Efricun. Containing a mish mash of words from all of the languages
spoken in our beautiful country.....word that just don't quite mean the same thing when you
try saying it in a different language: braai, eish, akhona, voertsek, gatvol, lekker

3. I love the fact that there is still so much unspoilt beauty. Mountain ranges, bosveld, desert,
vlaktes, rivers and forests. I honestly believe that we have one of the most beautiful
countries in the world....certainly the most diverse when it comes to nature.

4. I love the fact that we have a country rich in culture and history. All the quaint little towns
you can visit while touring through the country, exploring museums and famous battle fields
Little towns like, Kakamas, Pelgrimsrus, Pofadder, Paternoster and many many many more
There is so much to see and do if you only take the time to look for it.

5. I love the fact that we're the only country in the world with a National Braai day label stuck
to it:) Sure, the official name of tomorrow's public holiday is Heritage day, and my my do we
have a rich heritage, but tomorrow is also National Braai day, now where else would you have
something like that??

Well you two......I have to admit that i have a much longer list, but i simply don't have the time to list them all. I'm off to visit the parentals for a couple of days....yes, I will not be working again until next week Monday, but after the 3 months I've had I think I deserve two days off;) So if you don't hear from me until next week, don't be too upset:)



P.S. Tamara.......that's like your third letter!!! i swear, you just keep tagging me cause you want a whole lot of letters addressed to you don't you??? (grappie julle)

P.P.S. I usually don't tag anyone, because I hate doing meme's so much myself, but since this one is quite good I'll be tagging AK , yes i realise you've already been tagged, Glug not sure if you've been tagged, and Blondie.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Being Brazen

yes yes yes, I know that it's taken me long enough to write this letter, but my life has been pretty hectic, so I'm trying my best to catch up on all the stuff i should have done ages ago.

So, according to your post I have to
1. post at least 5 of my current addictions with some detail
2. Mention the person who started this game....well, that could only be you(being brazen), and
the person who tagged me, which is also you, hence the letter being addressed to you:)
3. Label the post: Current addictions
4. Tag at least 2 people

Unfortunately, i don't think I'm going to comply with numbers 3 and 4. 3, for the obvious reason that none of my posts have labels, they all start with "Dear ........" and 4, simply because I'm not fond of being tagged, i won't tag anybody else.

OK, so here goes nothing!

1. Lacoste Touch of PinkThis is just the most divine fragrance ever, ever ever!!! I've been addicted to it since the first time I smelt it......4 years ago, and was immensely pleased with myself when my housemate at the time remembered this and convinced all the housemates to buy me some for my birthday:)

2. Black XS
So this is my number 2 fragrance, and I'm pretty much addicted to this one also...he he:) I like to smell nice....OK?

3. Green tea

I have a deep rooted love for all kinds of tea, but green tea remains one of my favourites

4. Motorbikes
To my father's absolute horror I have been fascinated by Motorbikes as long as I can remember. Speed bikes, Harley's, tour bikes, you name it...i love them all! The one in the picture is one I am particularly fond of, the Ducati 996.................*sigh*

5. Researching and talking about my upcoming boat cruise
Yep, I'm going on a boat cruise in December.....jealous yet? I've been a little pre-occupied with talking about it and of course, shedding the winter weight......i have to, have to, have to, have to look super duper hot in a teeny tiny bikini..........not that i don't at the moment, but a little weight loss never hurt anyone;)

So my dear, i hope you enjoyed this little piece of information?

Hugs and Kisses


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Neil Angel

I have no idea where you came from, or why you are haunting my dreams.......but you are weighing heavy on my heart, and I wish i knew why.

I've been having the same dream now a couple of days in a row. It's a frightening dream, it's always exactly the same, and it always ends with you telling me that you'll speak to me again. I have never met you, and I'm not even sure how on earth i know your name....but i do. I don't think that you ever actually tell me what your name is.....but i just know that you are Neil Angel.

In the dream I am brave. Facing you and my biggest fear all at the same time. I refuse to be intimidated by you, and I fight for the safety of the people I love, even though they are strangely distant from the seriousness of the situation. It's as if you gain a strange respect for me, knowing that I will not let you hurt anyone, but at the same time I'm not out to hurt you, and for some unexplainable reason, you know that too.

I'm driving myself completely insane trying to figure out what this dream means, but one thing i know for sure. You are a real person. You exist in the real world, not just in my dreams. I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to find you, or whether you will find me, but I'm convinced our paths will cross........soon.

I have only one request, please could you stop haunting my dreams in the meantime? I've been sleep deprived for weeks, and when i finally do sleep I have you and the scariness of the situation haunting me. I need sleep!

Please tell me....who are you???


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Tamara

yes yes yes, I realise that it is already Wednesday and that you, Angel and Glug have already posted about Sunday, but things have been a bit hectic this week. So today i finally found a couple of minutes to do my part.

To start off with I'd like to thank you for inviting us to the combined birthday picnic. I had a lot of fun. AK and I started off our adventure by driving around the Linden/Emerentia area for quite some time before I finally realised that I knew exactly where the place was and that I've driven past it a thousand times before....but you have to forgive me for this as I'm not from Joburg:) We then proceeded to drive around the emerentia dam.....twice, before we decided which entrance to take. This was due to a number of reasons, one of which was the fact that I was trying my best to convince AK that your e-mail definitely said Emerentia Dam Botanical Gardens.

By the time we got inside, AK was dying for a smoke, as she's not allowed to smoke in my car.....so we sat down in the Tranquility garden where she had her smoke and I got to spend some much needed time on my phone. At 1 o'clock I texted you to find out where you guys were, but you hadn't yet arrived, so we sat around a while longer. When you finally did arrive, you sent me a message explaining where you were, but since neither of us really knew the Gardens, we spent quite some time strolling around trying our best to take a good look at the people around us, convinced that we'll be able to find you guys by looking for Angel's hair:)

In the end you phoned me and explained exactly where you were. And then it was time for the big meet. The picnic was fabulous, the friends i did get to meet were very interesting, meeting Angel and Glug in person was awesome and of course meeting you and the hubby was a pleasure. Angel and Glugs were of course accompanied by Angel's knucklehead, Damien. What a delightful teenager. Yes, and I realised that I used delightful and teenager in the same sentence, but as 17 year olds go, he was quite remarkable. And I know that this has been mentioned before, but I have to mention it again, I loved the Hah! game, mostly because I was one of the winners, but also because it was fun...he he:)

It was a pity you couldn't join us at Cool Runnings, where we had the pleasure of a very brief meeting with Exmi before she had to rush off to fetch the kidlet. We ended up staying at Cool Runnings for a bite to eat and some divine cocktails.

I had an amazing day and I look forward to spending some more time with you guys. I'm so glad that you and the hubby enjoyed your joint gift:) So how did you like the little button??? and what did hubby have to say about that??

Have a fab week sweety pie!



P.S. That's your second letter you lucky cow! tee hee hee:)