Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Ruby

I realize that writing myself a letter, again, is probably not the most creative or intriguing post in the world, but seeing as my creativity is a bit on the missing side of life after a very late night last night, I think I'm entitled to a bit of an offish post.

I haven't been the most active reader, writer or commenter in blogland the past couple of weeks, so I'm pretty sure that everyone will forgive me for being just a tad slow in doing some the things that have been flying around. So, my dear sweet self, I decided to follow the, slightly old, trend of doing a Dynamic needs analysis on myself.

According to google you need the following:
- a face lift (ouch!)
- a sweet talker (only if he falls in the same category as Mr Knight in shining armour)
- a string buffer (huh?)
- surgery on a liver is just fine thank you very much
- a good home
- one (no seriously, one what?)
- Investigating
- a dictionary (yeah yeah, i know my spelling sucks sometimes, get over it already!)
- a little prince to match her Cinderella costume...he he:)
- to pay attention to her feelings of being unsafe (I'm wondering if this might have
something to do with my stalker)
- to think about these questions before she does anything to change her behavior
- to be kept as a serious, broad based platform
- to be faster
- 3 leaves to complete her collection (apparently I have a leaf collection)
- help
- to overcome some of her current limits (don't we all)
- to find another host (cause I'm a parasite y'all!)
- a caretaker (Only if he fall in the same category as Mr Knight in shining armor)

To be fair to you and everybody else who might be reading this letter I decided to not only do a needs analysis on your pseudo personality, Ruby, but also on your real self.

So you, as yourself, need the following:
- to talk, share ideas and go places together and learn new things together
- to store 8 boxes while she is moving (I wasn't aware that I was moving????)
- needs to be in the mountains with some cheese
- to be protected from the stress and fighting
- no explanation
- her vocal counterpart
- to check out by 11:00
- to change her last name (seriously, what is google trying to tell me!)
- your votes (ja, cause I'm running for president next year:) )

Good luck with finding all you need!!!



P.S. Consider this an official apology for the boring post and my lack of know you wanna forgive me:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear couzie

Tuesday was you 21st birthday. Happy birthday my little baby cousin.......I hope you had an absolutely stunning day, that the year ahead will be so filled with love, happiness and blessings that you wouldn't know what to do with them and that God will hold you in His wonderfully strong and gentle hands all the days of you life.

After rereading the first paragraph i realised something...not only are you no longer one of the baby cousins, but I have no idea how you became part of that group to begin with.....seriously, a 5 year age gap isn't exactly that it?

Anyway.....after deciding to write this letter a lot of little things that i wanted to say to you jumped to mind, but the one thing that totally stuck was the day you got baptized. You were a teeny tiny little baby, beautiful! With big, dark pools for eyes and a crop of curly brown hair which has totally turned into your crown if glory. My excitement and honor knew no bounds when I was told that your folk wanted me, little Ruby, to carry you into the church to be baptized.....I even got a new dress and everything. My point is that on that day a bond was formed, one which will never ever be broken.

Since I've moved to jozi, I've gained 3 little sisters....all of which started out as my cousins, you being the oldest. We've shared many a laugh, plenty of tears and together we have both grown. Without realising it, the three of you help me to be a better person. Never in my life did i think that I'd have to be a role model for someone else....well, maybe when i have children, but i definitely never thought that it would happen before then. The realisation that between the 3 of you you mirror my every move, my sense of clothing, my way of talking, my relationships with friends and family and my relationship with God came as a shock......but it's a pleasant shock. I've grown more aware of what I do and say than I've ever been....still remaining true to myself, but being more responsible.

You have your fair share of issues in life, but hey, we all have them, some just handle them better than others. I'm proud and honored to know that I've helped you deal with a lot of them. Sometimes all you needed was a hug, sometimes a little bit of advice and at times a stern reprimand. But together we have developed this relationship into something beautiful and precious.

I can't wait to take you on your birthday surprise. Every year, instead of buying you guys something for your birthday, I give you a choice:
1. A gift of my choice
2. Money
3. I take you on an adventure, some fun time treat
Without fail the 3 of you have always chosen nr 3.

Your first birthday experience was a fancy dress cocktail party....your first cocktail party and probably the first time you got dressed up all pretty wearing a little dress......being the tomboy you are. We've had a couple these "experiences" in the last 3 years. This year will have to be even more special, being your 21st and all. I can't wait:)

Happy birthday my darling. Whatever may happen in the future, keep your joy and your infectious smile. Remember that if everything else fails you, you can always count on God. And remember that as long as it is humanly possible, I will be here for you, loving you and cheering you on in life.


Cousin/sister Ruby

P.S. I have a couple of ideas as to what I'll be doing for the couzies birthday, but if any of you have some killer ideas I would love to hear them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Klitsgras Drumming circle

First of all I would like to congratulate you guys on a truly award winning idea. Friday night was the most fun I've had in a very very long time.

I have to admit that i was just a tad sceptical when I was told that we would be attending Klitsgras Drumming Circle, I mean seriously, what kind of a name is that??? But i was pleasantly surprised. Originally we were only going to have supper at Fifi's house and help her move a really large and heavy bookcase, with "we" i mean me, Fifi, Jack and Piano man. But Piano man also lives in Pretoria and begged us to join him at the drumming after a fabulous supper we dashed off to Klitsgras, armed with plenty of wine, sneakers and lots and lots of warm stuff.

The place is situated just outside of Pretoria, not far from Menlyn on Garsfontein road. The atmosphere is both electric and relaxed....if that makes any sense. We spent the better part of the evening beating on our little Jembe drums around the big bonfire situated in the middle of the main drumming circle. For the hands are terribly bruised and really sore, but I'd do it again....over and over and over again!

I think the best part of your place is the fact that you have these smaller fires all over the place, and people can go and sit there with their snacks and drinks and a hubbly and just "kuier" the night away. We met the most interesting people including a whole bunch of young, afrikaans Rastafarians.

Granted, 90% of the people attending the circle were high. They were highly entertaining and of course contributed to the very peaceful and chilled atmosphere. Everybody kept going...."no worries dude....chill out man". It was quite hysterical actually. Fifi and I went into a fit of giggles when we noticed a sign behind a group of people who were quite obviously smoking a joint that read as follows: "The use of any illegal substances (including Marijuana) is strictly prohibited." Yeah right!

The place sort of reminded me of the bygone Hippie era, interlinked with a taste of the islands, a little bit of Africa and a typical "Jool" evening at a university. All in all it was an amazing evening, and I'll definitely be joining you guys around the fire again...beating my hands into a very bruised state.

We only left at about 3, when you guys politely asked us to go home now, as it was closing time...and I ended up sleeping at Fifi's house, as I didn't want to risk driving on the N1 at that time of the night....not after recent events anyway.

Can't wait to join you guys again!


Ruby a.k.a "The drumming queen"