Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Ruby

I realize that writing myself a letter, again, is probably not the most creative or intriguing post in the world, but seeing as my creativity is a bit on the missing side of life after a very late night last night, I think I'm entitled to a bit of an offish post.

I haven't been the most active reader, writer or commenter in blogland the past couple of weeks, so I'm pretty sure that everyone will forgive me for being just a tad slow in doing some the things that have been flying around. So, my dear sweet self, I decided to follow the, slightly old, trend of doing a Dynamic needs analysis on myself.

According to google you need the following:
- a face lift (ouch!)
- a sweet talker (only if he falls in the same category as Mr Knight in shining armour)
- a string buffer (huh?)
- surgery on a liver is just fine thank you very much
- a good home
- one (no seriously, one what?)
- Investigating
- a dictionary (yeah yeah, i know my spelling sucks sometimes, get over it already!)
- a little prince to match her Cinderella costume...he he:)
- to pay attention to her feelings of being unsafe (I'm wondering if this might have
something to do with my stalker)
- to think about these questions before she does anything to change her behavior
- to be kept as a serious, broad based platform
- to be faster
- 3 leaves to complete her collection (apparently I have a leaf collection)
- help
- to overcome some of her current limits (don't we all)
- to find another host (cause I'm a parasite y'all!)
- a caretaker (Only if he fall in the same category as Mr Knight in shining armor)

To be fair to you and everybody else who might be reading this letter I decided to not only do a needs analysis on your pseudo personality, Ruby, but also on your real self.

So you, as yourself, need the following:
- to talk, share ideas and go places together and learn new things together
- to store 8 boxes while she is moving (I wasn't aware that I was moving????)
- needs to be in the mountains with some cheese
- to be protected from the stress and fighting
- no explanation
- her vocal counterpart
- to check out by 11:00
- to change her last name (seriously, what is google trying to tell me!)
- your votes (ja, cause I'm running for president next year:) )

Good luck with finding all you need!!!



P.S. Consider this an official apology for the boring post and my lack of know you wanna forgive me:)


Kitty Cat said...

Ha ha - to be in the mountains with some cheese? How on earth did google come up with that?

Being Brazen said...

very need so many odd and fun things things. My favourite is "the little price to match her cinderella costume"


Ruby said...

Kitty - I dunno, but i suspect it has something to do with the fact that the real me shares a name with a blogger, or something like that:)

BB - I liked that one too....but it does make me wonder if google is trying to tell me something

Tamara said...

Forgiven. Sorry for deserting you while we were chatting yest. The boss called me to help pack an order and i had to spark.

po said...

Hi, a leaf collection sounds... interesting. Good luck with the boxes ;)

Kitty Cat said...

I've got something for you on my blog! :)

Kevin Davis said...

I like cheese.

Ruby said...

tamtam - no worries hun...i thought as much;)

Po - yeah man, the leaf collection is totally awesom...he if only i could find out what exactly i need to start this thing I'd be all set:)

Kitty - Oh wow!!! thanx sweety!

Kevin - You wanna join me in the mountains for cheese?

The Jackson Files said... was awesome to meet you on Saturday. You are now on my google reader. Yay!

angel said...

lol, your needs analysis is so much more entertaining than mine!

SonnyVsDan said...

that is totally bizarre. its never occurred to me to do something like that.

sorry I have been absent for...well... months.

Ruby said...

Jackson's mommy - oh yay!

Angel - he he......well you know:)

SvD - yep, it's totally should try it:) and since I'm such a nice person I'll forgive you for your little disappearing act;)