Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear readers

As per a previous post I've done, inspired by Being Brazen, I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I had so much fun doing the last one, and you guys participated so nicely I figured i would do another one:)

Today I....realised how incredibly blessed I am

I wish....I could wave around a little magic wand and get rid of all the heartache that touches the lives of the people that are special to me actually quite simple, it is we who make it complicated.

Song currently stuck in my head.....'Sabra girl' by Nickle beautiful

People...are all strange and that is why i find them so intriguing

Kisses....are special and should be cherished by those that receive them

Yesterday......i took an aimless drive to absolutely nowhere to clear my head...and yes, after last week it def needed clearing.  I drove forever without any direction....finally stopped with only veld and mountains around me...Deep down i'm the ultimate nature girl....I returned hours later feeling like a new person.  Life truly is good:)

Now....i KNOW you want to off you go my lovelies:)



Caz said...

You are very persuasive :)

Today wearing new shoes. Yay. they match my jacket perfectly and it makes me happy :)

I wish....that time would speed past a lot faster instead of slowing down so much when you are waiting for something good! no longer simple. When did this adulthood thing start?!

Song currently stuck in my head.....Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. It's that oldies song and I always think of it when it rains.

People...are weird. They suprise you constantly in the best and worst ways!

Kisses....are underrated!

Yesterday......The Band and I had a big chat about a big topic. It was good... tough but good.

blu_eye_phoenix said...

Today I....have been reflecting on what I have achieved as a 21yr old (its my b-day tomorrow)

I wish....I could take a long holiday in an exotic place with all my closest friends made up of small moments and its important never to let them slip away

Song currently stuck in my head.....Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones

People...for the most part are good at heart

Kisses....are an expression of love

Yesterday......a friendship ended and another was more firmly established, which made me realise that im blessed with some real and true friends and dont need the rest.

maniacmuerte said...

Today, was a day of many moods.

I wish, I could for once not always be practical.

Song currently stuck in my head, Guiding Light by Muse

People, are generally a plague; but are in general redeemed by a few good ones.

Kisses, create expectations.

Yesterday, was a lazy lazy lazy lazy day.