Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Baby Cuz

Happy happy birthday honey!!!! Hope you have the most amazing day and that the years ahead will be filled with blessings and love and too many incredible things to list.

I can't believe you're turning 14 already! The other day you were just a baby.....hell, when i moved to jhb you were only 8 years's insane! You and your 3 sisters have become like the 3 younger sisters i never had....and I'm still amazed when i realise you guys look up to me in life.  It scares me sometimes.

You're growing into a beautiful and amazing young woman, filled with dreams and ideals and a passion to be something unique in this world.  Don't ever lose that:)

I love you so very much sweetie!



Spear The Almighty said...

I suggest you buy a shotgun soon to keep the boys away!

Ruby said...

Oh...between her dad and i we've already got loads of plans in place, don't you worry:)

Being Brazen said...

sweet letter and great pics...

Time flies, doesn't it?