Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear big bro

Happy birthday!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing of days, filled with love and joy and happiness and blessings and that there will be much spoiling going on! *looks pointedly at yankee sis in law*.

I can't believe you're turning 30 already! Just the other day we were little snot nosed kids running around our tiny little town, causing havoc and hearts to melt all at the same time. Wow...seems like i might actually have to start thinking of you as a grown up at some point.

Today i miss you more than normal and i wish you were here so i could give you a hug and a kiss and just hold you close. It always amazes me to think that we could be shouting and fighting one minute but the moment one of us are in trouble we stand together, defiant, ready to take on the whole world armed with only our fingernails for each other. You are my big brother, the protector of my honor, my mentor, my roll model, my friend, part of my happy place, my partner in crime and a very important part of who I am today.

I pray that you will always be safe in the land far away, and that the years ahead will be filled blessings, adventures, love, happiness, stories and things we can't even begin to imagine.....oh, and hopefully some nieces and nephews for me *grin*. I can't help but shed a tear...I miss you more than i thought i ever would and i hope to see you soon. Happy birthday boetie!



Being Brazen said...

aww, such cute pictures

Caz said...

very very cute pics - esp the first one!

Ruby said...

hehe...thanx girls:) I adore my brother:)