Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Blogger

It is with a touch of sadness that I write this letter today, although I have to admit the overall feeling is one of excitement and happiness.  You see, I'm writing this letter to say goodbye.  No longer will I be logging into blogger to write my little letters to the world.

I've finally grown up and have decided to launch my own domain *big fat grin*.  I've been with you a good 3 years, but it was time to take my relationship with blogging to the next level and sadly i think I've outgrown blogger.  We've had a good run you and I, and I shall miss you dearly.  I won't be deleting this site, for the time being anyway...but my re-invented blog (my very OWN domain) can be found here.  So if you wish to continue reading my little letters to the world please be sure to visit

Lots of love, fond wishes and farewells


madhu said...

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Claudz said...

Awesome for you!!

chandra said...

Congrats for! i was too lat to know of this ..

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The Tame Lion said...

Love! Love! Love!

Pros said...

Really A Good Move yaar .. From Blogger to your own domain ... All the Best

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Bose said...

good idea!

Ruby Claire said...

Thats superb!! its really difficult to buy domains on our own name. Unless we are in race of purchasing domains...hhahaha

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