Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ruby's secrets

It's finally here!!! The second monthly post for Ruby's secret.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent in secrets...and I'd like to encourage you to keep sending the secrets to Rubyletters@gmail.com  with the subject line 'Ruby's Secrets'.

After much consideration i decided to post a handful of secrets per blog post.  So, for those of you that e-mailed a secret but don't see it on this post...keep your eyes open in the next one:
I'm not cynical about love

Dawson's creek lover:)
in love with a lesbian
Whose the biggest fool?
Be mine:)

I sent this secret into Post Secret and it was published on October 18, 2009.  No one I know would ever think I do such a thing. 

BTW, my stash is in my car.  I have about a dozen pair

walk with me
I think you're an idiot
 Well my lovelies...hope you enjoyed these:) And remember to keep them coming.



Lisa Casson said...

Love it love it. Thanks Ruby!

Anonymous said...

Very cool :)

Claudz said...

Love these!! wow

syeds said...

I kept my eyes open, wheres the next post..