Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Moyo Zoolake

Well, as you guys know I had my birthday party at your restaurant not so long ago. Despite the fact that I was almost an hour late for my own party...i swear this was totally outside of my control....we had an amazing time. The food was absolutely awesome and a good time was had by all. Here are some of the pictures we took.


Getting my face painted

With some of the friendstersMe and My boysMore friendsters


Globus said...

looks great. many happy returns, by the way.
you look slightly moody and emo in pic #3, in pic #4 the swiss-looking guy looks a bit like globus, and in #6 the guy on the left looks like toadfish from neighbours. great lookylike friends :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh your "boys" are handsome. ;)

Looks like a good time Ruby!

Tamara said...

Ahem... I see you didn't credit the photographer. *Sigh* It's ok... I guess seeing I took most of the pics with your camera it doesn't quite count ;-)

angel said...

Awesomeness! I am so sorry we missed it!

Ruby said...

Globus - thanx darling:) you've been MIA...glad to see you pop up here again:)

Sleepyjane - Aren't they just??? I <3 them to bits! It was lots and lots of fun:)

Tamtam - haha...ok ok...the pictures featured on my blog were taken with my camera, but was taken by our darling Tamara - thanx hun!

Angel - And i was very sorry that you weren't there...but the circumstances were completely understandable:)

Wenchy said...

i does love moyo's at zoo lake and have also had a party or two there