Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Being Brazen

As per your usual current addictions post, and the understanding that i'm allowed to copy the idea. I've once again decided to address a letter to you to describe my current addictions:) I hope you don't mind?

1. Toblerone
I just can't help myself....I'm semi addicted to it at the moment. But I limit my intake, as too much of it will definitely result in over sized body parts:P
2. Twilight series
As you know i bought the box set, the dvd and the soundtrack not so long ago:) Am loving it to bits...books have been read twice in a very very short space of time and the dvd's been watch more than i care to count:)3. Mutemath
I totally adore this band. Enough said!4. Breaking Benjamin
Ok, so it's obvious I like music...just another one of my recent discoveries:)5. Beret
I have very recently discovered the wonders of wearing a beret.....and i loves it!Love



Superficialgirl said...

the beret looks so cute! love it. need to get one for winter most def! as for twilight and toblerone (hmmmm maybe together?) i am so with you!

Ruby said...

awe thanx hun:) we should have a twilight and toblerone party me thinks:)

Anonymous said...

YAY for Twilight.

YAY for Breaking Benjamin.

YAY for the beret.


Spear The Almighty said...

The Breaking Benjamin soundtrack reminds me of the Twilight books. (I thought the movie sucked.)The books were entertaining.

Tamara said...

Yay for berets! As you know, I know a couple and I love them. They're especially useful to keep my wet hair (HATE hairdryers) off my neck ;-)

Being Brazen said...

Of course I dont mind :)

I Love Twilight too, I also have the soundtrack and DVD...obsessed? yes I am.

I Love Mutemath...first found them on Twilight CD. Love the spotlight song.

YOu look so cute with Beret on.

Ruby said...

sleepyjane - hehe...and Yay for you! you had a hand in breaking benjamin for one:)

spear - I loved them all!!!!! waaaaiiit....breaking benjamin reminds you of twilight? how odd!

Tamtam - haha...yes you do have quite a few and a lovely new brown one was added to your collection not so long ago *nudge nudge wink wink*

BB - Awe, thanx darling:) I love doing this post actually and look forward to it:)

Laura said...

Toblerone is indeed worthy of addiction status!

Ruby said...

Laura - nuff said :D

angel said...

I haven't had Toblerone in yonks!!

Ruby said...

Darling...we're going to have to rectify that! Toblerone is a MUST