Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Producers of Zwahashu

I considered the fact that you guys might find this letter insulting and rude. But I just couldn't sit back and pretend like this didn't really make my skin crawl in agitation.

Tonight while I was working hard at completing a gruelling exercise routine, your program happened to be on. The program isn’t all that great to begin with, but being all for local programs and such I opted not to waste the energy to interrupt my session and change the channel.

After spending most of the program talking in one of our thousands of official languages (which I didn't understand) during prime time viewing, you finally screened a snippet of the presenter with a professional chef. I was kind of nauseated by the way that the vegetable lasagne was was totally unconventional and weird. But I decided to labour on through the show while I waited for 7de laan to start. (Yes, on the days I’m home early enough, which are rarely, I watch 7de laan....get over it!!)

After the actual preparation of the terribly gross lasagne the recipe was briefly displayed on the screen. And this is where I finally lost it. The list read as follows:
- Lasagne
- Mixed vegetables
- Butter
- Aromat
- Milk
- Mashroom soup
- Mixed herbs
- Cheddar cheese
Spot the reason for my dismay.

Mashroom soup......mashroom soup??????So I chop up mashrooms to add to my food, drink mashroom soup and make mashroom sauce to add to pasta or put on a burger or over a steak. What the hell is mashroom soup???

I am genuinely appalled at the fact that an error like this slipped past you guys, the producers. What on earth is the rest of the world going to think of us when they see that we spell mushroom, Mashroom??How does something like this happen?

Anyway, I just thought I'd bring this under your attention as I consider it to be the beginning of the end. What is to become of a nation when our national broadcaster can't even spell? It's a small little thing, but every big thing is just a collection of a lot of little ones. I would appreciate it if you could look into this.




Globus said...

the OCD is in high evidence here rubes :-) and mashroom soup sounds much more fun than mushroom.

Ruby said...

erm....he he...well, yes I guess it is:)*smiling sheepishly*

but seriously...this is the national broadcaster and this is what they come up with....mashroom soup! It sounds even more gross than mushroom soup to me actually....blegh!

Globus said...

yes, this isn't great. your one consolation is that you have better weather than us - aside from that, our broadcasting is equally as dire globus suspects!

Elise said...

You heard the girl! She's disgusted. Sort it out Zwahashu!

I love your letters of complaint Ruby. They make me smile xx

Globus said...

true, elise. globus would like to see a few more vociferous expletives in them, but suspects ruby's a bit too fluffy for dat. speaking of fluffy, globus is due a visit to your blog right about now.

Ruby said...

globus - yes, at least we have sunshine.....thats the light and heat that comes from that big yellowy orange thing in the sky which you hardly ever get to see;) I suppose i should be grateful for that much!

Elise - yes, listen to Elise;) erm, thanx....i guess that was a compliment;)

Globus - Too fluffy? meaning what exactly? Ruby suspects globus is attempting to turn the tables and is valiantly trying to hijack her blog:p

Globus said...

yes, it does look like globus is over-commenting, doesn't it?

ruby your letters are always a bit fluffy. like you'd be writing to your gran or sumfink :-)

Ruby said...

But, but...but...this is me? this is how i write? Then i'll just have to be too fluffy....I'm quite sure you don't really mind tho....otherwise you wouldn't spend your time reading my would you;)

sweets said...

you don't know what mashroom soup is???
hehe that is quite pathetic... yikes

(btw: i love 7de laan, very middle class of me)

Globus said...

fluffy is good, roobez, but i think you know that :-)

Ruby said...

sweets - nope...i haven't got the foggiest....and for the time being i'd like it to stay that sounds a bit of nasty business if you ask me. You like 7de laan tooo??? la! not middle class hun..super classy!Some of the acting's really bad and the situations are prepostorous....just what i need after a hard days work;)

globus - you sir, are def hijacking my blog today, and the worst part're using me to help you! *wail* Yep me knows;) I like being fluffy

KaB said...

Dude...don't even get me started on this know how the fire burns for idiots who can't spell!

And on another've been tagged!


Amy xxoo said...

Ruby, i can sympathise with you. I bought Australian " Marie Clare " magazine this month and they had an article about the current rise in being hooked on prescription pills and they were using Heath Ledgers death as an example.

Midn you, it wasnt " Heath " Ledger - it was " Health ". Yep, throw in an extra, uncalled for letter L and it becomes a little farcical, doesnt it?

Ruby said...

KaB - that i think about this...the post should have been dedicated to you or something;)I have?? well, OK...i'll see what i can do

amy - you're kidding right?? that's horrendous! I many people check those things before they go to the printers???

Bridget said...



I'm so sad missed this rant while it was fresh!

Yes, yes, MASHROOM SOUP is brilliant!

Hee hee hee

Zwahashu is a TERRIBLE programme and I have no idea what they speak there. It's sound like a troll masturbating.

The Divine Miss M said...

Hey Rubes, your rant isn't completely called for. Sometimes it happens, it slips through the cracks. We've had credit spelling mistakes happen too.

You end up spending so much time in the edit staring at the same thing over and over again that you just stop noticing. Spelling mistakes happen quite often. Think how we make them in our day to day life?

The editor probably got it typed up during the Edit and it was the one thing that slipped through the cracks.

Doesn't mean that the Production team are useless or the Producers, just means someone made a mistake. You should see the stuff that happens over here!

A show that we have delivered that is on TV tonight we just discovered that it is before the Watershed and has the word "shit" in it which is NOT allowed. It happens.

As they say, Shit Happens.

Ruby said...

Bridget - missed it! You would have loved my original reaction! The program is in all honesty quite sheit aint it?? Now i don't feel so bad for pointing it out:)

Miss M - I realise that mistakes do slip in on every program. And far be it from me to demand perfection...but honestly. The program was, as mentioned above, really sheit anyway, the spelling mistake was simply the cherry on top of a mountain of frustration.

sweets said...

just have to say the "best" part of the cooking was when they stuck the dish in the microwave to melt the cheese... have you ever???? jamie oliver would pee in his pants a little if he was witness to that :)

Ruby said...

oooh yes...I clean forgot about the fact that they put the lasagne in the micro.....i told you it was the grossest vegetable lasagne ever! I almost had to stop my exercising to throw up!

Poor sweet adorable jamie would have died!

angel said...

oh ruby, this kind of crap drives me totally up the wall too!!!

and i never watch 7de laan...

The Blonde Blogshell said...


Writeprocrastinator said...

That recipe sounds like it was based on whatever left in a neighbor's garbage can and it sounds just as appealing.

Ruby said...

Angel - yes, it's terrivle:)and that was on purpose btw

Blondie - thanx hun, on my way to have a look;)

WP - yummy! you totally just spoilt my appetite

Writeprocrastinator said...

"WP - yummy! you totally just spoilt my appetite"

I have that affect on women...

Ruby said...

now now WP - I was refering to your brilliant description of the food...not you!

c@th said...

this programme annoys the CRAP out of me, for exactly the same reasons!


pah mashrooms!

SonnyVsDan said...

what seems to have slipped past everyone is that an ingredient in this most talked about of lasagnes is in fact, LASAGNE! What gives?

I've seen restaurants where Lasagne is on the menu as LASANYA. If that's not enough to make one leave perhaps asking the cook if the food at least tastes italian is.

Ruby said...

c@th - yep, i'm def ignoring this one from now on....i'll waste the energy to change the channel next time

SvD - oh my word! you sir, are right! i think i was so distracted by the mashrooms that i clear missed the lasagne!

Anonymous said...

ok i understand the spelling mistake that was wrong. however to complain about the language that was used i must say that was wrong if u have issues with the language well then you are just as bad. as u said its one of the official languages so why dont u take time and leran to understand it. if you can watch 7de laan and have no issues with it then dont tell ZWAHASHU abt ur language issues get over it. and the programme could use a couple of changes espicially with the food inserts its just not working out in that department, however i like the idea of promoting small businesses in limpopo so i say work harder be more creative atleast you r trying. K2

Anonymous said...

You are just full of urselves, well all of you white ppl jus need to go to hell, go back to wherever you come from, did you know you smell like raw meat! We jus want to puke all the you pass, if you dont like the show why watch it in the first place, you can switch to another channel, oh let me guess, SABC 1,2 and is all you have huh? If only you knew you look retarted with your flat bums you would keep quite! Anyway if you wanna complain about Mashroom, better go hang jack yourself, its not their mother tongue, besides...whose Enlgish is it anyway cause all you guys do is borrow words from Greek and Latin languages!