Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear baby Arkwife

You sweet sweet girl! You haven't even made your way into the world and already you are being spoiled rotten....You go girl!!! On saturday we had a baby shower for your mommy to prepare her for your arrival....and man did you receive a lot of goodies:) Just proof that you are already loved and adored by all...we can't wait to finally meet you my love!

Here are pics of a few of the gifts I got you....there were a couple more, but I've had 9 months to shop and I <3 shopping for babies:)

Because our little darling will be smart:)

To go with the pair of Ruby shoes she got:)

Of course! a pair of magical Rubyshoes from her aunty Ruby

I couldn't resist!

Totally badass! See the knees!!!!!

Once again....I just couldn't help myself:)

I hope you and your mommy enjoy them!!!


Auntie Ruby


Louisa said...

That is sooo cute! Arkbaby is going to look really good in that.

Being Brazen said...

awww, what cute things. Love the shoes ;)

cybersass said...

aaaaawwwwwwwww! she's a lucky girl to get her ruby shoes even before she's born. and she's lucky to have an aunt like you.

Ruby said...

Louisa - yep:) but she got so much awesome stuff...think arkwife's gonna have fun playing dressup:)

BB - the shoes are my fav too!

Cybersass - I think i'm the lucky one:)

Laura said...

Isnt baby clothes shopping the MOST fun :)

I love it!

Some very cute stuff there!

Ruby said...

laura - definitely!!!! I loooove shopping for baby stuff...only trouble is I really really battle to control myself..hehe:)

angel said...

Such wonderfully cute pressies!
The babyshower was wonderfully happy.