Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear readers.....again

Due to reasons completely out of my control I've been unable to access my blogger account since I came back from Moz. Since then it's been one mad rush after another......finishing deadlines at work, getting ready for my cruise, actually going on the cruise, going to the Eastern Cape and finally, coming back to work.

The thing is, my sweet little USB modem decided to tell me to go screw myself, and I haven't had a chance to get it fixed...until now. Vodacom was nice enough to just exchange it for a new one, since it was still under warranty. So here I am in all my glory, and I promise that this will be the last letter addressed to "dear readers" for quite a while.

Hope you're all ready to be flooded with tons and tons of letters. Happy 2009!!!!




Louisa said...

Welcome back, and happy 2009 to you too! :-)

Simply-Mel said...

Good to see you back! Technology can seriously suck eh?

Being Brazen said...


Tamara said...

Hello Ruby shoes! Glad you're back. How was the cruise?

angel said...

ah, frustration incarnate!!!

The Jackson Files said...

Welcome back, can't wait to get reading you again.

Arkwife said...

Alas everyone, Ruby asked me to let everyone know that her darling service provider seems to have replaced her broken modem with another broken modem, so she is still offline until further notice :-)

Ruby said...

Louisa - Thanx hun:) and happy 2009 to you too!

Simply-Mel - awe...i blush.....and yes it certainly does!

BB - Happy happy and all that to you too sweety!

Tamtam - Thanx - cruise was unbelievable, but i promise to blog about it:)

Angel - you have no idea!

Jackson - Thanx hun...I can't wait to get back to reading everybody's daily lives again!

AK - Thanx for giving them the message friendster......I'm here for the time being, but we'll see if the modem holds.