Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Mr Miagi

Welcome welcome to my humble abode Mr Miagi. I hope that you will find your accomodation satisfactory and that you will enjoy your (hopefully permanent) visit.

I'm known as a bit of an impulive person, especially when it comes to shopping. Mostly I think about everything i do and consider the effects there of, but every now and again I hit a snag in my mind and I end up doing, saying or buying something without giving it even a thought, nevermind a second thought! The invitation extended to you was therefore extremely impulsive and unplanned.

As of yet I'm not quite sure where you will be taking up your permanent residence. You'll have to make due with the space alloted to you in the meantime. My house is not a big one, but it is a happy, friendly and loving little place. Everyone living there seems to be quite content and appreciates the little time I try to spend with them everyday.

I shall give you food, water, sunny accomodation and love. In return I expect you to grow into the most beautiful little bonzai ever! You don't need to pay any rent, talk to anyone, do any chores or clean up after yourself, you only need to be pretty. Seriously dude, I think you'll agree with me that this is the best deal you'll ever see. Now, run along and go grow or something.


Your new owner, Ruby

P.s. If anyone has a problem with any typos or spelling mistakes...get over yourself....My edit toolbar is still MIA and nobody has tried to help go and build a little *bridge.

* Totally unrelated to my little friend Bridge.....don't you dare go near her you hear!


Natalie said...

HAHA!You and Bridge make me laugh!

Ruby said...

we do??
he he;) thanx hun

Bridget said...

Did you buy a bonsia?


Oj, so what pplant is it?

It is a plan ins't it? Not some lame ass stinky pet? (I "accidentally" left Mr Darcy outside for two whole hours this weekend - BLISS!)

Actually, I'm thinking of getting the Pickle a dog, it's better than a cat.

Mrs Lucas - We're funny peoples no?

And Ruby, nobody could be build me mad, big men have tried.

angel said...

ooh a bonsai! are you going to take lessons or does it come with instructions...?
as for the toolbar- i had the same grief over the weekend, and i have it periodically- but this morning when i logged in again it was all there like it should be!

Ruby said...

Bridge - you been drinking?? or just in keeping with my terrible typos and spelling??? ...tee hee hee:) Yep, its a tree that's very small...Mr Miagi is now 5 years old.

you left Mr Darcy outside???? the pickle must have been furious! Yes, get her a dog...i'm a total dog person:)

Angel - It pretty much came with an instruction booklet for watering and fertilization and the dude explained to me bout cutting seems simple enough...i've taken care of a friends for a year at uni...i think it'll be ok:) he's sooooo i just need to find him a place???

as for the toolbar, it's been like that since thursday, and i haven't managed to fix it yet....*sigh*

Globus said...

globus thinks the pair of ya would make a delightful double act, but more of that some other time!

ahh, miyagi-san. globus has been known as a serial bonsai-killer :-(

Ruby said...

globus - the pair of us meaning bridgy and I or me and Mr Miagi????? cause me and MR Miagi would be a tad disturbing ya know....

you killed a couple of bonzai's????goodness gracious thinks you need some help...its only a little tree

Bridget said...

You comments are starting to be disturbingly long Ruby darling.

The Pickle didn't know the little negligent moronical little biatch, she was busy murdering some or other alien on the computer.

The typos are just eagerness hun.

sweets said...

i've always wanted a bonsai!!!! if you don't like the poor tree in a month's time, send it over!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha thats so adorable and sweet.

I thought you had baught one of those marble buddas that I want.
but a tree is just as good

Globus said...

but bonsai are such easy pickings.....

in truth, globus is no good at growing any plantlife. he tries talking to it but suspects too many expletives just kill the poor things.

and don't get globus started on the double act it's far too early!

Ruby said...

bridgy - lucky for you she was playing on the pc...there would have been hell to pay had she known! Awe...dankie;)

sweets - I'll keep that in mind, but i doubt it would be neccesairy...he seems to be adjusting just fine:)

Nos - Thanx:) i prefer the tree

Globus - well, not as easy as a venus flytrap! they are known for their general ability to just die! Maybe you should try getting a roughneck plant?

I think i have the right to bother you about this's after lunch afterall.....double act?? ruby wants some details:)