Friday, November 23, 2007

Washing powder marketing department

As this letter is appearing on public domain I'll refrain from mentioning your brands name(readers ignore, its either skip or omo....can't remember now). I do however have a pressing issue I would like to discuss with you.

At the moment you are using a TV ad which shows a little kid and its mommy in a zoo/animal rehab centre. The kid getting awfully dirty and then you guys call it pretreatment for clothes. Now, don't get all worked up. I realise that people mostly complain about washing powder adds as they are dull, uninteresting and generally underestimate the intelligence of the viewers. This add is however slightly different from your run of the mill washing powder ad, it's not quite as insulting to watch, so I'm not complaining....i have a query.

Please could you tell me whether the little kid is a boy or a girl? Initially i thought the kid was a little boy with longish hair. But in recent weeks I have been told by numerous people that it is in fact a girl. This has left me slightly confused and ever so irritated....I simply hate not knowing.

Being the rational and logic person that i am, I decided to contact the only people who would be able to tell me for sure. I would appreciate it if you could respond to this as soon as possible as i am a very busy young lady and can't afford to spend too much time thinking about this




Vimbai said...

I thought it was a boy you've got me thinking about it, argggh.

Ruby said...

So sorry dear;-) But at least now i don't feel completely alone in this;-)